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  • Specialties

Novelis and its customers create striking, more sustainable building designs, protective and environmentally responsible packaging, bold and bright signage and printing, lighter commercial vehicles, more efficient industrial and energy applications, and durable yet attractive consumer electronics. All of these help shape how we live, work and play.

Many of the complex applications for these specialty industries require a great deal of support from experts that understand the metallurgical properties, treatments and finishes of specialty aluminum. At Novelis, our team works alongside our customers to develop the right solution for every application.

Architecture & Construction

For more than 100 years, aluminum architectural products have been essential for creating everything from the most dazzling public edifices to the most practical residences. Novelis provides a variety of products – both anodized aluminum and pre-painted aluminum – designed to meet the exacting requirements of the construction industry, while enabling architects to bring their most innovative and ambitious designs to life in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

Food & Pharmaceuticals

Aluminum packaging plays a fundamental role in consumer goods, enabling protection, distribution and the display of products. Without packaging, food spoils, fragile products get broken and distribution becomes hazardous. Aluminum packaging is part of the solution to address these issues. With its 100 percent recyclability, and Novelis’ continuing work to increase the recycled aluminum content in our products, aluminum packaging is environmentally friendly and is essential for sustainable growth.

Some of the most recognizable brands in the world trust Novelis specialty aluminum to make their innovative ideas not just possible, but also improve performance and cost-effectiveness once they become reality. Whether the result is a place that captures the imagination, a part that promises comfort, or a product that stimulates the senses, companies rely on Novelis to make things possible that will transport us, literally and figuratively.


Signage and printing have enabled people to share knowledge and communicate in ways that have changed the world. Despite the arrival of the digital age, the global market for printed products of all kinds continues to grow. With new formats, surfaces, colors and capabilities in increasing demand, aluminum signs are increasingly popular.


Aluminum components play a key role in transportation manufacturing. By creating specialized aluminum alloys, pioneering new treatments and combining aluminum with different paper, plastic and fiberglass materials, Novelis is the leading quality supplier for all modes of transportation worldwide.

Commercial & Consumer

From the latest consumer electronics and appliances to innovative lighting applications, from reliable heating and air conditioning units to industrial cables, pipes, ducts and tubes, aluminum has unique properties to make electronics, energy and diverse industrial products work better. Novelis specialty aluminum is essential to the durable and attractive finishes on goods ranging from smartphones to stoves. Its brightness can be harnessed for lighting, reflection and display purposes. Our materials are also essential in the manufacture of efficient and cost-effective commercial and residential products and parts. Aluminum from Novelis is a key component in the devices and equipment that make our lives better.