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  • Beverage Packaging

With state-of-the-art can sheet production lines and recycling centers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Novelis serves the most recognizable brands including Coca-Cola, Crown, Ball Corporation, Ardagh Group and ABInBev.

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Customer Innovation

Beverage cans are, and will remain, the core of Novelis’ product portfolio. Working alongside our customers, we innovate to meet the ever-evolving preferences of consumers, whether for new shapes and sizes, alternative coatings or more. For example, Novelis is working closely with customers to develop and produce distinctive aluminum bottles, which offer the same portability, light weight and recyclability as aluminum cans, but with the added benefit of being re-closeable. In addition, Novelis is also working on technology to support our customers seeking to meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging for new beverage categories.

Infinitely Recyclable

With an unmatched commitment to sustainability, Novelis is the leading buyer and recycler of used beverage cans (UBC’s) globally – recycling more than 82 billion cans annually. Aluminum beverage cans and bottles are the model of sustainable packaging and, with an average “can-to-can” lifecycle of just a couple of months, a can that is recycled today can be back on store shelves in just sixty days. Making can sheet from recycled material is better for our environment, better for our customers and better for our business.

Leading Technical Expertise

When it comes to research and technology, aluminum cans and bottles are the subject of ongoing technical refinement and innovation at Novelis​, from highly formable alloys, to safe and sustainable can sheet coating technologies, to greater manufacturing efficiencies and process capabilities.

Our team delivers industry-leading technical expertise and innovative solutions via our applied technology labs around the world. Novelis’ Global Research and Technology Center in Kennesaw, Georgia offers customers cutting edge resources, including a true-to-scale beverage can pilot line, for testing customized packaging solutions and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Aluminum is the packaging of choice for many beverage brands

Infinitely Recyclable

Lightweight, strong and affordable

Exceptional barrier against air, light and moisture

Perfect 360°​ canvas for product branding

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