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  • B73A®
Versatile, durable, economical and long life
Based on proven coil anodizing technology from our B57S® product, B73A can be used for shelving, furniture, medical and domestic appliances and many other applications.
Coil-anodised aluminium

The surface of Novelis B73A is industrially pre-treated and coil anodised in a continuous process. This ensures a consistent high quality and is therefore the most cost-effective solution for the customer. B73A offers customised solutions with different functional and decorative requirements for the electronic, domestic appliances and chemical industries*.

Our delivery program offers a wide product range, including a variety of colours and standard coating thicknesses. Standards are available in 1 ton lots on a short delivery time.

*Please note: Due to the hardness of the anodic film, crazing can occur during extreme bending or forming. To minimise the effect more information is available on request.

Versatile and decorative applications with Novelis B73A Coil-anodised aluminium

The consistent high quality of Novelis B73A makes it the right choice for our customers – Qualities include high surface hardness and resistance to corrosion/weathering. A range of coloured products also resists the effect of UV light. B73A is nonflammable acc (96/603EC) and classified A1 (noncombustible, acc. DIN 4102).

Novelis B73A Fact Sheet

Novelis coil-anodised aluminium B73A is a perfect choice for both decorative and functional end uses including shelving, door furniture, medical and domestic appliances and many other applications.