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Aluminum Signs & Printing

Despite the arrival of the digital age, the global market for printed products of all kinds continues to grow with new formats, surfaces, colors and capabilities in increasing demand.

For years, Novelis has been a leader in the aluminum signs and printing market, working alongside customers to help them make their mark. Novelis’ aluminum coil plays an essential role thanks to its superior quality, purity, surface integrity and reliability. Since Novelis specialty aluminum products are 100 percent recyclable, they help reduce greenhouse gases, maintain a healthy environment and create a more efficient and ecologically sound world.

SIGNICOLOR is a pre-coated aluminum sheet that combines aesthetics and functionality. The high-quality surface of SIGNICOLOR is ideal for screen and digital printing, laminating and lacquering for aluminum signs. Due to its smooth, high-gloss finish, no further treatment is needed after delivery. This sheet is ideal for a broad range of applications, including advertising signs, pylons, informational signs, logos and stairway advertising.

Used for aluminum signs both indoor and outdoor, SIGNICOLOR undergoes strict quality controls. It’s easy to handle, cost-effective, stable and durable.

Aluminum Labels

Aluminum labels provide an attractive and memorable way for manufacturers to draw attention to their products in the marketplace and differentiate their brands, particularly for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Whether they are on bottles or boxes, aluminum labels stand out.

As the leader in the field of paper lacquering and metalizing, Novelis offers an unrivaled product portfolio to satisfy the requirements of the entire supply chain for metalized label papers, from printing to application. Our facilities provide excellent product qualities in reels and sheets, with properties fit for printing, converting and labeling.

With Novelis aluminum label papers, our customers can take advantage of unique lacquering applications, high-gloss finishing, consistent embossing and sheeting, good printability in all printing processes, fast-drying ink, easy die-cutting, excellent lay-flat properties, high-speed labeling, high moisture resistance, fast wash-off times and high ink retention.

Printed words and images are all around us, and they are an essential part of business and consumer communications. Screen printing and digital printing techniques increasingly offer new and more flexible ways to create a higher impact.

Pre-painted aluminum plays an important role in both digital and screen printing processes for custom aluminum signs because it’s light, easy to work and can be recycled for reduced environmental impact. Its smooth surface, durability and exceptional purity ensure the highest fidelity to the designer’s or artist’s vision, and its processing flexibility can accommodate all types of design. Novelis pre-painted aluminum sheets deliver the premium touch for a brighter printed product.

Aluminum Advertising Signs

Novelis aluminum delivers unparalleled results in advertising signage, conveying messages with maximum impact, thanks to decades of innovation and experience. We can meet custom application requirements for indoor or outdoor aluminum advertising signs, regardless of climate, in a variety of colors and surfaces.

SIGNICOLOR® aluminum sheeting by Novelis delivers a smooth, high-gloss surface, allowing aluminum signs to remain clear and bright so they stand out in any environment. With a range of surfaces to choose from, plus processing flexibility, Novelis customers have all the options they need to bring their design to life in the most brilliant way, with both digital and screen printing techniques.

Quality That Lasts

Novelis aluminum sheets arrive with protective film in place on delivery, and they can be processed easily for perfect edges and flawless corners. In addition, we test the surface and substance of all our products to conform to the highest international quality standards.

Novelis offers two corrosion-resistant alloys of tension-free aluminum sheeting, including the hard-wearing AIMg3 alloy, to simplify reinforcement and reduce substructure costs. This stability makes it a superior choice for plastic or composite sheeting. It also means it can be recycled completely at the end of the product’s life for the current market value of the metal.

Aluminum Traffic and Road Signs

To be effective, aluminum traffic signs and aluminum road signs must be reflective and easy to read day or night, and they must meet stringent government specifications. The alloy and coating of Novelis pre-painted aluminum meets all the precise requirements for durability and readability, with no additional pre-treatment required.

The front surface of these aluminum signs are coated with a clear lacquer ideal for reflective-film applications. Manufacturers of these films and elements have tested and confirmed the excellent adhesion qualities. The reverse is delivered painted in gray according to national regulations. On request, it can be pretreated, primed and laminated with a protective film for excellent weather resistance.

Novelis continues to improve the workability of its pre-painted aluminum, as well as its compatibility with reflective films, attachment elements and other features.

Delivery Options

Our aluminum sign sheeting can be delivered three ways – sheet in gauges up to 3.1mm; coil in widths up to 2000mm and lengths up to 5000mm; and blanks, also available in gauges up to 3.1mm, including corner radii on request, which can reduce production time, risk and processing scrap.

The Leader in Quality Control

Since compliance is such an essential part of road sign construction, we have developed and certified several of our factories to comply with all of the appropriate certifyingorganizations for aluminum signs.

Aluminum Signs
Product Specifications
According to EN 573-3
Chemically degreased and pre-treated
Front side coating
Primer suitable for application of reflective film
Reverse side coating
Gloss factor
According to national specification