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  • Our Purpose
Shaping A Sustainable World Together

To go somewhere new, you must be willing to move. That’s what two men did when they launched our industry in the late 1800s. We continue to follow in their footsteps, recasting what it means to be an aluminum company – by getting away from mining and smelting and redefining ourselves through recycling. These bold, pioneering moves have become a movement. And, as the largest recycler of aluminum in the world, we are its leaders.

At Novelis, we make more than aluminum. We make it into something new. Extend what it can be. We give it the lightness to amaze. The flexibility to perform. The strength to protect. How we do this is as much about human chemistry as it is metallurgy. It starts with forming a foundation of care, respect and trust. Then opening a space for creativity. A place to listen and share ideas. Where thinking gets stretched, limits get pushed and infinite discoveries can be made.

​We win by shaping partnerships inside the company and around the globe. Because lasting innovation doesn’t happen alone. This ability to think big and act bold is at our core. It’s how our breakthroughs happen. It’s how we brought one of the first all-aluminum vehicle bodies to the automotive industry. How we had the forward focus to rethink sustainability by leveraging collective cooperation to turn customers of advanced materials into suppliers of raw material.

​For us, the difference between good and great comes down to our employees – pioneering, providing, protecting. Proud, yet humble strivers, driving transformation by balancing what we do now with what we’re capable of in the future. Exceptional people who are committed to extending the capabilities of our customers. Supplying them the inspiration to invent, the ability to solve, the means to move, and the material to shape a more sustainable world together.