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An Experienced Partner

The automotive industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate and manufacturers are under increasing pressure to create high performance, fuel-efficient and aesthetically pleasing vehicles. With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Novelis has a rich history of innovating alongside our customers to make next-generation vehicles a reality.

Our expert team of engineers, metallurgists, chemists and computer scientists have set the standard for aluminum alloys. Owning more than 134 automotive-specific patents, we are committed to continuing to lead the industry in innovation.

Each day we further this commitment and build upon our rich heritage of innovation at our Global Research & Development Centers, which are strategically located around the world – including in Georgia, USA; Sierre, Switzerland; and Ulsan, Korea – keeping us in close proximity to our customers.

Leading in Customer Collaboration

Novelis understands that each new vehicle model presents a unique challenge to automakers. To help answer new design challenges, Novelis has a team of specialists available to assess the mechanical properties, design flexibility and range of fabrication alternatives needed to realize next-generation vehicles.

In addition to providing the right alloys, Novelis offers tailored finishes and designations for the highest-performing products. Our best-in-class joining solutions, like Self-Pierce Riveting (SPR) and remote laser welding, ensure the strongest possible adhesive joining and bond durability.

Mixed-Material Vehicle Production

As aluminum can be joined with other metals, Novelis has expertise in mixed-material construction and provides technical guidance to automakers from design to production. This allows automakers to be highly flexible when choosing the right mix of materials.

Novelis’ products and joining technologies make it possible to integrate aluminum into a mixed-material vehicle without requiring a significant investment in new manufacturing equipment.

The pressure is on for automakers. Shorter development schedules, higher levels of build-to-order parts and changing conditions across the supply chain make choosing the right suppliers more important than ever.

As the world’s largest supplier of aluminum sheet to the automotive industry, we are strategically positioned to help our global clients achieve their design and manufacturing goals.

Regardless of location, our dedication to manufacturing excellence remains unwavering. We are uncompromising in our attention to detail in every step of the process and all our automotive plants are certified to the latest standards of the automotive and aluminum industries.

Reducing Transportation Costs

As the only aluminum supplier with automotive sheet production capability in all three major auto-producing regions, Novelis is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry. Our operations in Asia, Europe and North America enable us to tailor solutions for automakers around the world, using our global footprint to maximize efficiencies.

We help automakers accelerate time to market by partnering with our customers to address production issues, improve quality, increase throughput, reduce downtime and optimize processes to decrease manufacturing costs.

Our Customer Commitment

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and we are committed to delivering consistent, high-quality products to meet their needs. From testing samples to high-volume production, automakers can count on Novelis to deliver products with consistent properties and technical specifications – no matter where they are in the world.

Our global manufacturing footprint enables our customers to meet mass production demands. Over the past several years, we have made strategic investments to ensure we can continue to serve the global market. In fact, we have increased our global capacity by 250 percent, with an emphasis on China and North America, in the past three years alone.

Dedication to Manufacturing Excellence

Novelis’ operations are world-class in regards to manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our manufacturing sites are certified according to internationally recognized management systems – ISO 9001 or ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Standards.

To ensure excellence at every stage of product development and customer implementation, technical service managers and quality managers are assigned to each of our products. We are focused on developing new aluminum alloys, surface treatments and joining technologies that meet end-to-end manufacturing needs.

Novelis aluminum empowers automakers to meet ever-increasing fuel efficiency and emissions standards while also delivering vital performance, safety and design solutions.

Compared to other competing materials, aluminum has a clear advantage in strength-to-weight ratio. In fact, aluminum is the only metal that can achieve dramatic weight loss while increasing fuel efficiency and providing equal or better quality, strength and durability. In addition, the rigidity of aluminum structures gives drivers a better feel for the road, more precise control, better stability and quicker responsiveness.

By leveraging the impressive qualities of aluminum and working closely with automakers, Novelis also helps automotive designers create more unique vehicle designs with better handling, increased visibility and more cargo space than ever before.

Aluminum Lightweighting Dramatically Enhances Performance, Safety and Design

Novelis provides lightweight material solutions for automakers around the world. As both consumers and the industry work to curb CO2 emissions, providing lightweight solutions has never been more of a competitive advantage for automakers.

Vehicles made with aluminum are not only an estimated 40 percent lighter than those made with steel, but they also are safer and more durable. Pound for pound, aluminum can absorb twice as much energy as other materials. In the event of a crash, aluminum components fold predictably to absorb impact before the crash affects the passenger compartment. Lightweight vehicles also require shorter stopping distances than heavier vehicles, helping drivers avoid accidents. According to the U.S. Aluminum Association, every aluminum-bodied car or truck ever crash tested by U.S. federal regulators has earned a perfect 5-star safety rating.

Complementing safety benefits, vehicles made with aluminum consistently meet fuel economy emissions standards. Studies have shown that using 100 kg of aluminum in a car can reduce CO2 emissions by up to eight grams per kilometer traveled.

Emission reductions not only benefit traditional passenger vehicles, but also the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs). A 2016 World Energy Council study reports that by 2020, one in every six cars sold will be electric to meet evolving fuel economy standards. Using Novelis aluminum can reduce EV weight by 20 percent, allowing them to run further on a single charge, which helps reduce range anxiety – the top customer purchase barrier for EVs. Our engineers also work closely with EV designers to transform vehicle layout, battery size, shape and placement.

Today’s consumer not only demands safety and efficiency, they also expect top performance. From mixed-material solutions to aluminum-intensive vehicles, reducing weight by using aluminum enables the use of small, yet powerful, turbocharged engines and fuel efficient, multi-speed transmissions. Vehicles made with Novelis aluminum are lighter weight, resulting in better fuel efficiency, more maneuverability, increased stopping power, quicker response and often increased towing capacity.

Whether focused on traditional passenger vehicles or EVs, our lightweighting capabilities give automakers greater design freedom without being encumbered by material flexibility limitations.

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