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  • SKY®
Aluminum Ceiling Panels
Novelis specialty aluminum offers a range of possibilities for interior and decorative designs. The light weight and flexibility make it ideal for use in aluminum ceiling panels.

Smooth or perforated, Novelis pre-painted products can be used for aluminum ceiling panels, grid ceilings, long panel cassettes, lamp grid elements, substructure partitions, aluminum decorative panels and support rails. The aluminum also can be combined with other materials to achieve excellent acoustic absorbance. With the modular production of aluminum ceiling tiles, if there’s ever any damage, only that area requires replacement, making maintenance simple and more cost-effective.

SKY® Features
SKY® is the brand for pre-painted rolled aluminium sheet specifically designed for ceilings.

Cleaning SKY® is quick and easy making it particularly suitable for use in public places and especially those sensitive to hygienic conditions, e.g. Hospitals, restaurants or canteens. Furthermore, Novelis has created Superbright® characterised by its bright surface finish and protected by semi or fully transparent paints. Superbright® is the ideal solution for exclusive or unique interior design projects. The lightness of aluminium: its weight is about 30% less than steel or copper allowing fast and easy installation.

The lightness of aluminium, its weight is about 30% of steel and copper allows fast and easy installation.
Polyester paint allows a wide range of colours; different solutions, such as strips and panels, can be provided.
Colour Range
SKY® is available in a wide range of colours. In addition Novelis is available to match new special colours on demand.
Aluminium ceilings can be easily washed, assuring the complete removal of dust and bacteria.
Maintenance Costs
Ceilings are produced in modules so that only the damaged parts must be substituted.
Acoustic absorbance
Aluminium can be coupled with different materials in order to obtain an excellent acoustic absorbance.
Corrosion resistance
SKY® has excellent corrosion resistance provided by the paint system and the specific chemical properties of aluminium.
Aluminium ceilings do not absorb nor produce humidity, allowing to live, work and study in a healthy environment.
Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Recycled aluminium maintains the same mechanical properties as primary aluminium.
SKY® production process is environmental friendly and uses totally CHROME free pre-treatment and Heavy metal-free coatings.