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  • SSL BF
Special Finish Anodized Aluminum
Already anodized and ready for processing, Novelis SSL BF increases the range of coil-anodized Novelis products.

Compared to conventional Novelis SSL, this new product is the result of production developments using special rolling processes, offering a distinctive surface structure both in appearance and touch.

During the rolling process, an exclusive brushed stainless steel effect emerges from the special surface finish. Now designers and manufacturers have the benefit of lightweight aluminum facades, while they can offer the highly desirable aesthetics of stainless steel to end users. In addition, SSL BF can be supplied without anodizing and is then suitable for batch anodizing.

The Look of Stainless Steel

Upon anodizing, Novelis SSL BF special finish anodized aluminum becomes more durable and has a highly resistant protective layer. This makes it ideal for outdoor architectural applications, in addition to its use indoors for consumer goods such as refrigerators and stoves.

To ensure color consistency and uniformity of appearance, sheets should be installed edge to edge, taking into consideration the rolling direction, which can be identified by the protective film.

Using Novelis’ highly regarded anodizing quality aluminum as the base material ensures that the excellent characteristics of aluminum are perfectly combined with the look of stainless steel. The advantages of SSL BF special finish anodized aluminum include:

  • Anti-fingerprint surface
  • Weatherproof and UV resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static and insulating
  • Resistance to neutral cleansers, dirt and corrosion
  • Significant weight reduction compared to stainless steel
  • More pliable than stainless steel
  • More uniform surface compared to brushed finishes

SSL BF also enhances safety. Classified in the best fire protection class – A1 – according to 96/603/EC, the aluminum is also rated non-combustible according to DIN 4102.

Making It Easier to Be More Sustainable

Novelis SSL BF is 100 percent recyclable, making it an ideal selection when designing and constructing more sustainable structures. As the world’s largest recycler of aluminum, Novelis has a manufacturing process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, landfill waste and water that figure into our operations, which can reduce the carbon footprint of your project. The recycling process uses just 5 percent of the energy required to process primary aluminum.

With the material’s high strength and light weight, the environmental impact of the transport of materials also can be minimized – saving fuel and cutting emissions – along with the costs associated with transportation across the supply chain and through to delivery. This adds efficiency to any project from end to end.

Cost-Effective, Durable and Efficient

With the demand for stainless steel finishes increasing today for its clean, streamlined look, for both interiors and exteriors, SSL BF special finish anodized aluminum offers the desired appearance without the associated cost. The lighter weight is more economical to ship and easier to handle, which makes shaping and installation simpler and faster.

In addition to its weight advantage, special finish anodized aluminum also forms a strong bond with the surface of the metal, so there is no chipping, peeling or corrosion, adding to its durability, which increases longevity and cost-effectiveness. Other benefits of aluminum are:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Highly recyclable
Product Specifications
Alloy: EN AW 5005A (AIMg1)
Temper: H14
Available thickness in mm: 0.5 – 3
Available sheet width in mm: 1000 – 1500
Available sheet length in mm: 2000 – 3000
Breaking elongation: A 50 > 3 %
Elongation limit: ≥ 120 MPa
Tensile strength: Rm 145 – 185 MPa
Rating class: A1 acc. to 96/603/EG
According to DIN/EN: DIN 4102
Recyclability: 100%