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  • Commitment to Community
Our Commitment
Everything we do at Novelis begins with our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our people and communities.

We owe our status as a world-class manufacturer to our employees who continually anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of all those we work with across the globe. At Novelis, each of us is driven to produce excellence.

Novelis’ 14,650+ employees worldwide are the driving force behind our forward-thinking innovation, and its their talent that sets us apart as a 21st century manufacturer. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunities and support they need to further grow their talents and take pride in a diverse team of professionals who represent our unmatched global presence.

Novelis’ worldwide locations enable us to embrace diverse cultures and communities, and push boundaries through unique thinking and different perspectives. To maximize the experience of our employees, we rotate high-potential colleagues through many parts of our business – be it automotive, beverage can or high-end specialties – in order to prepare them to lead across our global organization.


Everything we do at Novelis starts with safety. It is this commitment to protecting our people that has led us to industry-leading safety performance. However, we are not stopping there. We are determined to see that every single employee goes home at the end of every day in the same condition they came to work in.

Guiding us in this direction is our Novelis Safety System, which provides us with a systematic approach to identifying, managing and mitigating risks in our operations. In addition, we ask all Novelis team members to look out for their own safety, as well as that of their colleagues, by following three basic safety obligations: I will work safe, I will intervene if I see somebody working unsafe and I will stop any unsafe behavior if intervened upon.

Novelis Prepared

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, Novelis provides them with opportunities to develop and enhance their skills and grow professionally. This includes ongoing initiatives to make the workplace and our communities safer. One such initiative is Novelis Prepared, which has a goal of having 100 percent of our colleagues trained in CPR, AED and basic first aid.

Community Engagement

Novelis Neighbor is our global program for sponsoring and coordinating our community engagement and charitable investment efforts. As part of our worldwide corporate social responsibility campaign, Novelis employees support hundreds of community projects year-round. These projects are reflective of our company purpose of Shaping a Sustainable World Together and focused on advancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education; increasing recycling by consumers; and supporting the most pressing needs of our local communities.

As part of the program, we also organize an annual Novelis Volunteer Month, which funds and executes large-scale employee volunteer projects each October across all of our operations and facilities worldwide.

For more than a decade, Novelis has supported and partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit who’s mission is to build a world where everyone lives in a decent, safe and affordable home. Each year during Novelis Volunteer Month, colleagues along with community partners and the families themselves, volunteer to build or refurbish homes for low-income families.

The opportunity to support our local communities, while building camaraderie among team members is a true reflection of “Win Together,” a Novelis cultural belief.

In partnership with Discovery Education – the global leader in standards-based digital content for K-12 – Novelis developed cutting-edge resources to educate young people about the value and importance of recycling. The all-digital materials, available on our website, include a video, lesson plans, at-home activities and an exploration map called Cantown through which students, teachers and parents can learn about the life cycle of a can. Novelis’ Life of a Can aims to inspire the next generation to be lifelong recyclers.

FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a global nonprofit that prepares young people for the future through a suite of inclusive, team-based robotics programs for ages 4-18 (PreK-12). Through their hands-on programs, participants develop self-confidence in STEM and valuable, real-world skills – such as digital literacy, teamwork, leadership, creative problem solving, and project management. The investment Novelis makes in the program globally both directly and indirectly supported more than 534,000 youth participants in 2022 alone, and results in them being nearly two times as likely to major in science or engineering, than their non-participating peers. In addition to direct funding of more than 96 FIRST teams globally, Novelis donates aluminum annually since 2015, that has led to the creation of over 18,806 drive bases for the FIRST® Robotics Competition Kit of Parts. Novelis engineers also serve as mentors for local teams in their communities.

Novelis Ethics Helpline

Novelis aims to always conduct our business to the highest ethical standard by acting with integrity, honesty, and respect towards each other, our stakeholders, and the communities where we operate. We promote and respect the rule of law and expect others to do the same. We encourage stakeholders and citizens to promptly raise good-faith concerns about any circumstance or action that is perceived to negatively impact human rights, cause environmental harm, or be unlawful or unethical. Those who wish to report a concern can do so confidentially and anonymously online or by phone. Please visit the Novelis Ethics Helpline site for additional information on how to report a concern.