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  • J73A UP®
Anodized Aluminum Coil Stock
J73A UP is the next generation of anodized aluminum coil stock for architectural facades and roofing.

Well suited for the challenges of modern architecture, this Novelis product arrives already anodized so that it can be used immediately. Take advantage of characteristic brilliance, a long service life due to a high degree of surface hardness, as well as outstanding UV, weather and corrosion resistance.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Not only does J73A UP possess the great benefits of specialty aluminum as a construction material – lightweight, strong, easily formable – but this product also has a uniform anodizing layer of 20 µm​ ideal for outdoor use. There are no contact points along edges that can be left after batch aluminum coil anodizing, making further processing simpler. Its resistance to the elements means colors stay vibrant without fading.

One of the greatest architectural challenges is to design large-dimensional structures. J73A UP anodized aluminum coil can be used for a number of applications and is appropriate for aluminum facades and aluminum roofing of public buildings of more than 20 meters in height. Key properties of our anodized aluminum coil include:

  • Decorative with permanent metallic gloss
  • Firm bond with the metal surface, so no peeling, chipping or corrosion
  • Non-flammable per 96/603/EC and non-combustible per DIN 4102
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Non-toxic (hot-water sealing)
  • Electrically insulated
  • Highly recyclable

Accentuating contrast, as well as blending and matching with surroundings, is always a consideration in architectural design. That’s why color is so important when developing aluminum building facades. With Novelis J73A UP, there is a broad spectrum of UV-resistant colors to choose from, including black, gold and a light bronze tone. Novelis achieves its variety of colors using two processes – immersion or electrolytic using metal salt.


Also, the deoxidation process of J73A UP more easily removes nitric, acid sulphur or hydrogen peroxide, due to the material’s chemical composition. Streaking is eliminated, as well as effects that can mar the surface due to incomplete pickling. Consistency of both gloss and color are exceptional.

Product Life

Novelis J73A UP aluminum coil stock is corrosion-resistant over a pH value of approximately 5.5 to 8. Results of corrosion tests confirm the excellent resistance of the anodized surface, even if the material has been bent first.

We ensure that the anodic layer thickness has a minimum value (20 µm​) over the entire length and width of the material’s top side, which exceeds the requirements of international standards. The reverse side can be thinner according to the continuous aluminum coil anodizing process.


The sealing quality has a significant influence on the corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum and is tested using the loss of mass test to DIN ISO 3210. Thanks to this excellent sealing quality, Novelis achieves a nominally better result than the standard. The anodic layer cannot peel off, and filiform corrosion is not possible due to the firm bond that exists with the base material.

Proven Protection

Continuous-anodized quality from a single source ensures a long service life for this aluminum coil stock. Many buildings with continuous-anodized facades – some built 20 years ago – have been examined by independent engineers to determine the quality of the anodic layer. Their results:


  • No evidence of corrosion on anodic layer
  • Thickness of anodic layer virtually unchanged
  • Adhesive properties still intact – no efflorescence, peeling or blistering
  • No fading, yellowing or discoloration of natural and bronze anodized material.
Product Specifications
Alloy: EN AW 5005 (AlMg1-B)
Temper: H14 / H12
Available thickness in mm: 0.8 – 3 / 4
Available sheet width in mm: max 2000
Available sheet length in mm: max 7900
Thickness of layer in µm: 20
Permissible stress: 97 Mpa
Elongation limit: A 50 > 10 %
Tensile strength: Rm 220 – 270 MPa
Linear expansion: 0,024 mm/m/°K
Elasticity: 70.000 MPa
Corrosion resistance: ASS-test: after 500 hrs
of exposure no corrosion;
acetic acid under pH 3,
corrosion creep from scratch
less than 2,0mm
Protection film: 80 [μm] Polyethylene,
removable up to
6 month after installation