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  • Super Grondal
The new generation of pre-painted aluminium gut­ters has born.
At Novelis Italia innovation is not only a word, but a great reality in continuous evolution.

The Novelis laboratories have devolopped a special paint that makes SUPER GRONDAL® still more re­sistant to weather and polluting agents. Thanks to this new shade, the aluminium becomes furthermore similar to the copper, with a consider­able advantage: the effect remains unchanged through the years!

SUPER GRONDAL® is used to manufacture gut­ters, pluvials and accessories. Thanks to its excep­tional resistance it would be a great choice also for fa9ades (ventilated and non-ventilated) and roofing.
Differently from other materials, pre-painted alu­minium is totally recyclable and maintains its me­chanical and metallurgical properties over time. SUPER GRONDAL® has an excellent resistance to the weather agents and does not release any kind of polluting material.
By keeping a strong attention to the environment, Novelis Italia gets a pretreatment process totally chrome-free. Moreover, the Coil coating painting system allows a perfect adhesion of the paint and a better resistance to corrosion and U.V. rays.

SUPER GRONDAL® is a light material: aluminium has a specific weight equal to a third of copper and steel. Such feature makes it easily transportable and also it can be quickly installed.
The use of proper sealers eliminates the laborious­ness of the welding and it ensures a long duration and a perfect seal of the junctions.
In order to avoid any kind of galvanic corrosion, it is important to use aluminium accessories. With SUPER GRONDAL® it is possible to manufacture all kind of accessories necessary for the installa­tion: elbows, collars, etc.

SUPER GRONDAL® is the new product that com­bines tradition and innovation.

Product Specifications
AlloysEN AW5010 or EN AW8006;
according EN 573-3:2006
TempersO annealed – H44 according
EN 515:1996
TolerancesAccording EN 485-4:1996
Surface finishingSemi-transparent paint system
on brushed aluminum
0.60 mm gauge in 5010 and 8006
0.80 mm gauge in 5010
2.00 mm gauge in 5010
Mechanical properties after coating
5010 H44 according EN 1396:2007
Rm [MPa] 130-170

Rp0,2[MPa] 100 min

A50mm[%] 3 min for 0,60/0,80 mm

A50mm[%] 4 min for 2,00 mm
8006 O according internal standard
Rm [MPa] 90-120

Rp0,2[MPa] 55 min
A50mm[%] 20 min