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  • SSL
Structured Surface Anodized Aluminum
Novelis SSL provides a structured aluminum surface for design applications.

Imitating brushed stainless steel, the decorative finish offers endless possibilities to manufacturers and designers searching for the look of stainless steel, but also for an alternative to the weight and the maintenance inherent with that material. SSL structured surface anodized aluminum strikes the perfect balance.

Building on Aluminum’s Benefits

Excellent aluminum characteristics are combined with a surface resistant to fingerprints that gives Novelis SSL a flexibility that makes it ideal when constructing cladding for aluminum facades. The structured surface anodized aluminum also has a protective layer that is resistant to:

  • Effects of weather
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • High abrasion
  • Corrosion
  • Dirt and neutral cleansers

In addition, SSL offers these additional advantages of anodized aluminum:

  • Good insulation
  • Barrier to static
  • Greater formability versus stainless steel
  • Reduces material weight in a comparison with stainless steel

These advantages over stainless steel also make SSL more economical. Installing and shaping it is simpler and, therefore, quicker. The reduced weight reduces shipping costs, and with no corrosion, peeling or chipping due to the durable structured surface anodized aluminum, product life is longer, and maintaining it is easier.


Using a base material of Novelis anodizing quality aluminum, SSL forms a layer of aluminum oxide that not only protects the metal underneath, but it also produces a strong durable surface as the foundation for the brushed stainless steel appearance. In addition, this laser-etched anodized aluminum surface is more uniform compared to conventional brushed surfaces.

This aesthetic has proven valuable for indoor uses including appliances, but it also offers architects the option of using aluminum to achieve the effect of a stainless steel building façade without the concerns and costs that go with it.

If requested, the surface can be produced without the anodized layer, or other alloys and anodized layers can be produced.

Architectural Reference

The Endner Wohnideen furniture store near Heilbronn, Germany, required a more modern facade to fit with its products, yet radiate warmth and comfort.

Product Specifications
Alloy: EN AW 5005A (AIMg1)
Temper: H14
Available thickness in mm: 0.5 – 3
Available sheet width in mm: 1000 – 1500
Available sheet length in mm: 2000 – 3000
Breaking elongation: A 50 > 3 %
Elongation limit: ≥ 120 MPa
Tensile strength Rm: 145 – 185 MPa
Rating class: A1 acc. to 96/603/EG
According to DIN/EN: DIN 4102
Recyclability: 100%
Secure Supply Chain

Novelis produces premium rolled aluminum products in North America, South America, Asia and Europe – the only company to do so. Wherever our customers are, we can supply exactly what they need, when they need it, worldwide. From standard orders to custom products, Novelis provides the highest quality and superior consistency around the world.

You can rely on our metallurgists, engineers and scientists for collaborations that produce the right solution for almost any challenge. From fine-tuning formulations in the lab to conducting rigorous tests that ensure exceptional performance in real-world conditions, our innovations are made to be adaptive and practical, so the resulting structure can be durable and beautiful.

An Invaluable Resource for Sustainability

As the requirement for more sustainable construction continues to increase, so does aluminum’s value as an alternative to heavier and less efficient materials. Novelis SSL is 100 percent recyclable, which saves 95 percent of the energy needed to manufacture primary aluminum. Combine this with a lighter weight that can help reduce an entire project’s carbon footprint, and SSL could be the answer that environmentally responsible designers and builders are seeking.