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  • Novelis Ventures

    We are the entrepreneurial arm of Novelis responsible for driving investments and incubating ideas in areas of strategic importance.

Novelis Ventures aims to grow and enhance Novelis’ core business by creating an ecosystem of partners and investments that build the benefits of a low carbon, aluminum-centric circular economy.

We seek to forge relationships with startups wishing to accelerate growth leveraging Novelis’ strengths in metallurgy, manufacturing, and recycling.
Investment Focus Areas

We use our core competencies in metallurgy, manufacturing and recycling to build sustainable, circular supply chains and products.

Recycling Technologies

  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Metal Sorting Technology
  • Metal Purification
  • Circularity Enablers

Market Enablers

  • Stamping And Forming
  • Battery Enclosure Technology
  • Product Design for Recycling
  • New Application Development

Carbon Reduction

  • Energy Management
  • Advanced Renewables
  • Carbon Capture
  • Low-Carbon Metals

Industry 4.0

  • Industrial Controls
  • Furnace Technology
  • Vision Systems
  • Predictive Capabilities
Current Portfolio

A patented artificial intelligence technology for low-cost high-quality metal alloy sortation.

An AI, materials informatics platform which uses advanced sensors to extract key data points from smaller material volumes

Proprietary LP-LIBS™ sensor technology for real-time compositional analysis of molten metals production and artificial intelligence.

Combing automation with a specialized process and reactor design, to bring low carbon magnesium to market

Creating the next-generation batteries through intelligent 3D battery architecture
and engineering.

Pioneering the next paradigm in power efficiency to meet increasing demands of advanced computing.

Do you have an investment opportunity to increase the benefits of a low-carbon, aluminum-centric circular economy?

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