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  • Novelis Ventures

    We are the entrepreneurial arm of Novelis responsible for driving investments and incubating ideas in areas of strategic importance.

Novelis Ventures aims to grow and enhance Novelis’ core business by creating an ecosystem of partners and investments that build the benefits of a low carbon, aluminum-centric circular economy.

We seek to forge relationships with startups wishing to accelerate growth leveraging Novelis’ strengths in metallurgy, manufacturing, and recycling.
Investment Focus Areas

We aspire to be a top strategic investor to sustainability-focused startups, especially those in the automotive sector. In addition to capital, we will provide Novelis expertise and access to markets in which we participate.

Carbon Reduction

  • Advanced Renewables
  • Carbon Capture
  • Energy Storage
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Clean Tech

Recycling Technologies

  • Automotive End-Of-Life
  • Sortation Of Al Scrap
  • Cleaning Of Scrap
  • Circular Economy
  • RC Tracking

Mobility Solutions

  • Battery Enclosures
  • Hot Forming
  • Thermal Management
  • Solar Surfaces
  • Advanced Manufacturing

Industry 4.0

  • Advanced Sensors
  • Advanced Automation
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Twins


  • EV Batteries
  • EV Systems Design
  • Battery Recycling
Do you have an investment opportunity to increase the benefits of a low-carbon, aluminum-centric circular economy?

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