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  • ff3®
Pre-painted 3 mm Aluminum
Novelis ff3 is pre-painted aluminum with a 3 mm thickness. This façade-cladding material gives architects and builders a wide range of sophisticated design possibilities.

Thanks to the high mechanical strength of ff3, considerably wider spans compared with other alloys of the same material thickness are possible. This results in significant cost benefits when installing.

Our materials meet all the factors necessary to create an impressive, efficient and long-lasting structure – aesthetics, design qualities, safety and durability.
Protective Paints

Our pre-painted 3 mm aluminum is coated in a continuous coil-coating process, ensuring surface durability, as well as color consistency. Metallic paints and solids are applied in two or four coats. These coatings are then permanently stove enameled.

Novelis uses only PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paints with an 80/20 formulation for the highest-quality coatings. Primarily inorganic, the pigments in these PVdF paints make the pre-painted aluminum the material of choice for outdoor architectural applications. Surface protection like this means the material is well-suited for facades exposed to practically any conditions. Novelis ff3 is UV resistant, weather resistant and seawater resistant.


Whether the aesthetic is metallic shimmer, matte or a high-gloss finish, ff3 pre-painted 3 mm aluminum can accommodate all in a variety of colors. Special surface effects can also be applied, including stainless steel, copper and terracotta. Matches for custom colors can also be requested.

The PVdF coatings also provide a surface requiring low maintenance in terms of time and cost. Unlike polyester-coated aluminum cladding, ff3 surfaces repel dirt and are easy to clean. When cleaning is required, neutral detergents with environmentally friendly warm water are all that is needed.


Novelis ff3 works with both ventilated and non-ventilated cladding structures. Exceptionally flat, this facade cladding can be produced in sheets, cassettes or panels. These options allow architects greater freedom in their designs and more possibilities when installing.

This pre-painted 3 mm aluminum can also be drilled, stamped, punched, bent and trimmed without harming the surface or the aluminum itself.

For concealed installation on the substructure, stud bolts are welded to the back of ff3 aluminum panels. The alloy used for ff3 features excellent welding properties and can be stud welded on the reverse without any impact to the decorative surface on the front.

For protection from damage and dirt during transportation, processing and installation, ff3 is supplied with a UV-resistant protective film on the painted side. This film remains on the pre-painted aluminum throughout installation and is simply peeled off after installation is complete. The protective film is recyclable.


Receiving the highest A1 rating in accordance with the latest DIN EN 13501, Novelis ff3 pre-painted 3 mm aluminum is certified non-combustible.

International regulations for buildings state that non-combustible materials are required in public structures, including hospitals, schools, nurseries, hotels and airports. In addition, only non-combustible materials can be used in buildings that have a height greater than approximately 20 meters.


Novelis pre-painted aluminum is coated in an environmentally friendly process. All lubricants and paints are processed in a closed material cycle. The paints also contain non-hazardous pigments. This pre-painted aluminum is ground water neutral and free from heavy-metal erosion. Aluminum can be recycled without any loss in quality.

Product Specifications
Alloy EN AW-5754 (AlMg1)
Temper H42 according to EN 1396
Available thickness in mm3.0mm
Available sheet width in mm Up to 1500
Available sheet length in mm Up to 3000
Other dimensions On request
Available paint systems PVdF (80/20),
NWS, Fluorpolymer
Thickness of layer in µm Approx. 24,
metallics 30,
back side approx. 3
Gloss level Depending on color tone
Weight in kg/m² 8.1 kg/m²
Permissible stress Ợperm= 96 MPa to DIN 4113
Breaking elongation A 50 > 9 %
Elongation limit Rp 0,2 165 – 215 MPa
Tensile strength Rm 220 – 260 MPa
Linear expansion 0,024 mm/m/°K
Elasticity 70.000 MPa
Corrosion resistance Acc. to EN1396: 2007 : C.6.1.1/C.6.1.4
Protection filmXX µm protection film removable up to
6 months after installation
Rating class A1
According to DIN/EN EN13501
EPD Environmental Product DeclarationYes
Tender information textsYes
Technical construction detailsYes
Recycling content up to 80 %
Recyclability 100%