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  • AL:sust™
AL:sust™ Brand Family Leads the Evolution of Sustainability
Novelis’ AL:sust™ brand is a growing family of highly advanced, highly sustainable products. This collection of innovative low-carbon aluminum solutions – containing at least 80% recycled content – is planned for multiple, end-use applications of diverse markets and customer needs.
Taking sustainability to the next level

With AL:sust™, Novelis is taking sustainability to the next level by helping customers decarbonize their products through the use of aluminum alloys made from high amounts of recycled content. At the same time, Novelis continues to provide customers with products that adhere to the highest quality and industry standards. This distinctive brand portfolio demonstrates Novelis’ unwavering commitment to increase recycled content in its industry-leading aluminum products and develop more low-carbon solutions.

>80% recycled content
>74% reduction in CO2 emissions

(compared to average footprint of EU primary aluminum production)

Aluminum recycling only requires 5% of the energy used to produce primary aluminum.

[Source: EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM | A strategy for achieving aluminium’s full potential for circular economy by 2030, April 2020]

ASI Certified Material

Novelis has the capability to supply ASI certified alloys and has achieved external certification for both the Performance Standard and the Chain of Custody Standard from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) across all its European manufacturing sites.