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  • Commerical & Consumer

Novelis harnesses these properties, and through our innovation and expertise, we supply these industries with the best industrial aluminum products available.

Whether for the latest consumer electronics and household appliances, ever-growing renewable energy applications, cable shielding wraps, lighting and HVAC, insulations and foils or valve cups, Novelis specialty aluminum solutions make these products more efficient, more effective and even better.


The market for an ever-increasing array of consumer electronics parts is made possible by continuing innovation in integrated circuitry, new software applications and the exceptional properties of industrial aluminum, such as its light weight, high formability, superior heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance and attractive surface properties. Whether it is smartphones, tablets, laptops or flat screen TVs, aluminum is an integral component in the design, development and production of the latest personal devices and in-home entertainment systems.

Novelis is leading the way in producing customized, premium flat-rolled aluminum for many consumer electronics parts and products, including aluminum enclosures and aluminum cases. Our aluminum products, developed according to customer specifications, are supplied in coil or sheet form, then slit or cut to length by third-party distributors or customers themselves.

Our world-class manufacturing and technical expertise lends critical design and manufacturing assistance to the world’s leading brands, enabling Novelis to quickly respond to the consumer electronics market’s short product lifecycle and ever-changing requirements.

HDTVs and Monitors

Novelis offers industrial aluminum coils and sheet in alloys for the main board and back cover of LED TVs and LCD monitors. Leading LED TV manufacturers, including Samsung and LG, call upon Novelis to supply critical parts such as back panel, bottom chassis, bezel and stand structures for some of the largest, most brilliant displays on the market today.

Smartphones, Laptops and Entertainment Electronics

Smartphones, laptops and digital music players rely on the durable, lightweight and attractive qualities of aluminum. Our technically sophisticated material impacts the latest designs, providing both a technical advantage, as well as an attractive visual ambience. Aluminum enclosures dissipate heat, while the material’s resistance to the effects of weathering makes it ideal for use in outdoor applications as varied as housings, rod antennae and satellite dishes.

Aluminum Cases

Good formability and conductivity make our products useful for condenser case products produced via drawing processes. Manufacturers of these aluminum case applications rely on Novelis to provide high-quality aluminum coils or sheet in alloys such as 1050 and 3004.


Novelis produces pre-painted aluminum for scales, dials and nameplates in laser engraving quality, in the form of a surface-treated coil or sheet. Specialized coatings are applied by rollers. Printing is possible via standard commercial inks and paints with no special materials required.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry comprises a significant piece of the world economy, and as non-renewable sources of energy grow scarce, its role will only increase. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum has proven to be a valuable material for a range of energy applications.

At Novelis, we work closely with many partners in the renewable energy sector to develop specialized industrial aluminum materials that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the most promising energy production methods.

Premium aluminum products play important roles in solar technologies, and we are constantly working with the top innovators and manufacturers in this industry to develop new pre-treatments, treatments, coatings and lacquers to make our products more effective.

Photovoltaic Solar Power

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power converts light from the sun directly into electricity via the photoelectric effect. Aluminum makes an ideal substrate material to support the thin film of photovoltaic solar cells, as well as a safe, attractive housing for the absorber. Its lightweight nature makes the units easy to move, and its resistance to corrosion extends the lifespan of the units. Sheet-rolled, bonded industrial aluminum can also make an effective support for PV units.

Concentrated Solar Power

Sunlight can also be channeled and focused to heat water, which can drive steam turbines in large-scale power plants. This Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) was once dominated by glass mirrors due to their unmatched reflectivity. Recent advances in aluminum reflectivity and brightness, partially due to our processing innovations, however, have made the material an effective substitute. Compared to glass, aluminum solar panels offer significantly lighter weight and better ratio performance versus cost.

Aluminum for Wind Power Efficiency

The key to successful power generation through wind is efficiency, and industrial aluminum is playing a key role in making wind turbines lighter. Working together with our partners, we’ve created a smaller, lighter tower casing behind the rotor blades, as well as an innovative aluminum enclosure for the turbine’s generator that is lighter and more efficient than fiberglass composite housings used previously.

This housing reduces fire risk thanks to aluminum’s incombustibility and helps cool the generator due to aluminum’s thermal conductivity, extending the aluminum enclosure’s functional life. It also maximizes the unit’s recyclability and protects the generator from lightning, since the aluminum acts as a Faraday cage and is non-combustible in the event of a lightning strike.

Aluminum Energy Storage Solutions

At Novelis, we know that renewable sources of energy hold the key to the future, and we stand ready to do our part to make these energy sources as effective, efficient and safe as possible.

An essential part of harnessing renewable energy is finding ways to store and transport it. We’ve partnered with automotive manufacturers and battery suppliers to help create superior aluminum energy storage solutions.

Aluminum foil is important in lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles because it can serve as the cathode layer. At the same time, aluminum cartridges and cooling plates provide effective housing for the lithium-ion batteries, cooling them and protecting them from the elements.

Lighting Solutions

Aluminum has always been valued for its brightness. Through innovative processing and rolling techniques, Novelis has been able to create aluminum that is so bright it can be used for lighting applications, reflection and display purposes, including lighting fixtures, decorative trim, retail display cases and false ceilings.

Achieving Exceptional Purity and Brilliance

To produce industrial aluminum of this caliber, Novelis begins by carefully controlling the composition of the alloy, then taking exceptional care in the casting procedure to avoid non-metallic impurities. The surfaces of the aluminum ingots are then sawed and scalped to remove any new impurities before rolling.

These ingots are preheated for long periods for optimal homogenization of the metal structure, then hot- and cold-rolling procedures achieve high surface quality. “Bright rolling” delivers the highest possible surface consistency and reflectivity. The result is an aluminum surface reflective enough to be used as a mirror.

The Right Finish for Every Application

We can apply a range of special finishes and brushing techniques to aluminum to create various aesthetic effects – stucco bright, hammered bright, orthogonal bright, diamond bright, bright mill, rigato pattern and damato pattern.

Our aluminum insulation, foil, strip and adhesive tape products provide effective insulation for cable shielding wraps and meet a variety of specifications. Aluminum is an excellent medium for providing long-term protection against all naturally occurring elements found above and below ground. As a preferred global supplier of cable shielding wraps, Novelis provides products for medium- and high-voltage energy cables, as well as fiber-optic cables for telecommunication.

Acting as a shield, the foil protects electric and communication cables from heat, humidity, light, moisture, corrosion, rodents and electric or mechanical stress. It serves as thermal insulation for fire protection, as well as an insulator against the magnetic and radio frequency emissions related to electric cables. In specific fiber-optic applications, the electrical conductivity of the aluminum foil cable shielding wrap also serves as a tracer medium to test the integrity of cable links.

Additional advantages of aluminum foil cable shielding wraps include PE coatings that improve adhesion of the outer sheath against the aluminum surface and in the overlap, versions with higher mechanical resistance for additional protection against physical impacts, a weight advantage in aerial cables, a high strength-to-weight ratio and a better weight-to-conductivity ratio than copper.

Aluminum’s unique characteristics make it ideal for heat exchange (HEX). Aluminum fin stock —lightweight, stamped and joined layers of foil inside a heat exchanger — has become very important to the production of modern heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) equipment.

Novelis industrial aluminum is the ideal choice for HEX / HVAC&R because it conducts heat well, is lightweight, workable and strong, resists corrosion and can be easily and infinitely recycled. Additionally, our world-class processing centers, state-of-the-art equipment, strong research and development and customer support makes us a leader in the market.

Choose the Right Aluminum Fin Stock for Your Needs

Novelis can deliver aluminum fin stock for either mechanically assembled or brazed heat exchangers. The variety of choice offers our customers the ability to choose from bare fin, clad fin, spine fin and coated fin.

Superior Processes for Superior Products

Novelis aluminum fin stock sets the standard for the HEX / HVAC&R industry through exceptional gauge and mechanical property control, improving the performance of the final heat exchanger.

Novelis is constantly evolving, not only our products, but also our manufacturing processes (TRC – twin-roll caster technology and DC – Direct Chill processing) to meet the changing needs of our customers. As we continue to innovate, we invest heavily in research and development at every level.

Aluminum Extrusion Products

Aluminum extrusion products benefit from all of the material’s advantages. Industrial aluminum is a barrier to light, moisture, gas and noise. It provides exceptional formability and strength and has low mass and weight with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Add to that the high electrical and thermal conductivity, hygienic and nontoxic properties, and mechanical and processing properties, and Novelis aluminum extrusions are the ideal choice for these products.

Impact Extrusion

There are many benefits of impact extrusion. Whether combined, forward or backward extrusion, there is a high level of dimensional accuracy and the possibility to achieve a close approximation to the final shape. Offering 100 percent tightness, impact aluminum extrusion allows a high degree of transformation in a single production step, high operating speeds at low unit costs and numerous shaping and design possibilities. In addition, impact extrusion provides compact structure, a smooth surface, no soldered or welded seams and excellent stability.