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  • Food & Pharmaceutical

Novelis offers a vast range of light-gauge aluminum packaging for use in flexible and semi-rigid containers and other customer applications to keep packaged goods fresh and free from contamination.

Protecting the Supply Chain

Without aluminum, the entire supply chain could break down and become inefficient. Aluminum packaging is part of the solution and essential for sustainable growth. Light-gauge aluminum is unsurpassed as a reliable and versatile packaging material, and it is ideal for protecting food, pharmaceuticals and other products from light, oxygen, moisture and contamination.

As a global leader in aluminum rolling and specializing in coil-coating, laminating, tray and container production, Novelis offers a range of products to satisfy practically any customer request. That’s why our aluminum packaging solutions are used for food containers, bottles and cartridges worldwide.

Aluminum Containers and Lids

By providing not only a wide range of aluminum containers and aluminum lids but also packaging machines and technical support, OHLER Packaging Systems is able to offer a complete service to its customers. With more than 40 years of experience, OHLER plays a leading role as a food-industry partner for restaurants, caterers, kitchens, groceries and wholesalers, as well as airline food packaging.

Trays and Complementary Accessories

OHLER offers a wide range of aluminum foil trays. All materials have been developed to be filled both manually and automatically. They are available in various sizes and thicknesses, and the trays can even be lacquered or printed. Our range of aluminum containers is complemented by a variety of accessories including aluminum lids, closing and sealing foils, coated carton lids, plastic snap-on lids, insulated transport boxes and closing machines. Our aluminum trays can be used both in microwave and conventional ovens or with barbeque grills.

Aluminum food containers protect food from deterioration. The lightest “complete barrier” available, aluminum is impervious to light, gas, water vapor, oils, fats, oxygen and microorganisms. They keep foods fresh, safe and tasty, maintaining quality throughout a long shelf life.

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, and at the same time, is heat-resistant, allowing quick and controlled heating of the food inside. Aluminum packaging is also one of the only container serving options with the versatility of use in conventional and broiler ovens.

The containers offer strong shelf appeal and striking package design, and the material is both bright and reflective with the option to be color-lacquered or printed. They are highly formable and can be “dead folded,” which is beneficial when drawing and shaping containers.

Aluminum containers also can help Novelis customers meet source reduction and sustainability goals through the development of lightweight and down-gauged packaging, with the ability to be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality.


Aluminum Converter Foil

Novelis aluminum converter foil is a part of the light- or thin-gauge product group, ideally between 5 and 70 μm. They form flexible laminates with supporting materials like polymers or paper and additional lacquering and coating.

Novelis is a preferred source of converter foil for global players in the flexible aluminum packaging industry, where it is then subjected to further processing, including laminating, extrusion, lacquering and printing, embossing and cutting.

The versatility and flexibility of the products enable our customers to create a diverse range of packaging solutions, finding end applications across diverse industries such as food – including butter packaging and cheese packaging – pharmaceuticals, wraps, bottle capsules, laminated tubes, pouches and more.

The ability to protect food and pharmaceuticals from contamination and the inherent lightness of aluminum makes it a material of choice over other foil options. Our aluminum converter foil is well suited for decorative features, giving it wide acceptance in cosmetics applications.

In addition, unique surface properties of the foil keep it free of oil and give it good wettability, allowing superior lacquering, coating and laminating. Novelis can also offer a high-gloss surface, if needed.

Another technical application for this foil is in the building and construction segment, where it is used for creating specific roofing solutions using combinations of aluminum with PET and other materials.

Our high quality and consistency help our customers achieve improved productivity, especially in the end application industries where the runs are short and serve fragmented demands. With disposable packaging, especially plastics-based packaging, posing a threat to the environment today, aluminum converter foil can help meet fundamental sustainability goals.

Primarily, Novelis offers converter foil material from 5.8 µm to 50 µm, as well as higher gauges in diverse widths from 800 mm to 1.100 mm. We work closely with our customers to support their needs for innovative and custom converter foil solutions.

Industrial Aluminum Products
Aluminum Bottles

Novelis’ fracture-proof, seamless aluminum bottles offer needed protection when transporting and storing sensitive and critical goods. Novelis produces aluminum bottles for a range of applications — from commercial use to United Nations-approved packaging — in several coating configurations and sizes with fill capacities ranging from 38 ml to 6250 ml. These bottles include rolled thread for screw stoppers, tamper-proof seal and screw closure, plastic screw closure and locking ring, plastic threaded ring for pilfer-proof closure and flex-spout closure system.

Caps & Closures

When it comes to creating the caps and closures our customers want, Novelis aluminum sheet and coil provide two distinct benefits – shape and appearance. Since aluminum packaging is strong but easily shaped, Novelis is able to produce innovative, customized shapes for caps and closures, as well as threading to make the aluminum containers resealable. These products can also be treated with a range of advanced decorative technologies including lithography, hot-foil and positive and negative embossing.

Aluminum Cartridges

Aluminum cartridges protect the sealing compound with a diaphragm and seamed lid to prevent leakage, ensuring a long shelf life and preventing the contents from drying out. The two-component integrated system is suitable for fast-curing fillings and easily used with existing guns on the market while offering a variety of static mixer nozzles.

Cartridges can be printed with customized art in up to six colors and have lacquer applied to the inside surfaces. Products include cartridges and a two-component integrated system.