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  • Heat & Energy Components
By creating specialized aluminum alloys, pioneering new treatments and combining aluminum components with other materials such as paper, plastic and fiberglass, Novelis has become the global quality leader for the transportation manufacturing industry.

We have created a range of transportation manufacturing products that provide insulation against heat, sound and gases, high strength so components remain effective under pressure, and superior flexibility for a full range of designs and implementations.

Key Novelis aluminum components include heat exchangers, heat protection mats and sleeves, energy absorption elements, hoses, silencers and flexible tubes, including heat protection tubes, air ducts and exhaust pipes.

Novelis is a leading supplier of light-gauge, narrow-slit aluminum fin stock (bare and clad) and brazing sheet used in the production of heat exchangers. Our aluminum components are the material of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket component manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity, low density, corrosion resistance and durability make it a perfect match for today’s demanding automotive heat exchanger requirements. Most heat exchangers used in new vehicles today for climate control, engine cooling, battery cooling and auxiliary cooling are made from aluminum.


Novelis aluminum components are highly engineered products with superior gauge control capabilities, precise width tolerances and exacting chemical and physical properties. Each of these critical variables is achieved with industry-leading technology and product development support. High-Strength/Sag Resistant (HS/SR) automotive fin stock is a prime example of our technological leadership.

Central to our Heat Exchange materials is the Novelis FusionTM process, which utilizes breakthrough liquid metal technology to offer the market a multi-alloy rolled aluminum product, or more commonly referred to as brazing sheet (as well as clad fin stock). Combining Novelis Fusion with our patented X900 portfolio of long-life, corrosion-resistant core alloys forms the backbone of our brazing sheet family. A variety of braze liner alloys are available and designed to have excellent fluidity in a wide range of braze furnaces.

Aluminum has proven to be an effective material for specialized flexible tubes and insulation within vehicles of all kinds. Novelis leads the way in developing new alloys, coatings, treatments and combinations with other materials, such as paper and fiberglass, that make our aluminum flexible tubes effective barriers for a wide range of purposes.

OHLER® Flexible Tubes

Our OHLER product line is specifically designed for use in automobiles and caravans. Novelis is one of the leading suppliers of flexible tubes and hoses for the automotive sector with products used for heat protection, air ducts, exhaust pipes, thermal insulation and energy absorption.

Heat Protection Tubes

Heat protection tubes are made by layering several kinds of aluminum alloy foil and other materials, such as fiberglass and plastic with corrugations. The excellent reflectivity of the aluminum alloy on the external surface reflects radiant heat, and its insulating power additionally serves to protect the aluminum flexible tube’s content from heat sources. These products have great flexibility but high dimensional stability, and they can be compressed or extended as required. They can also be fastened or mounted easily by crimping the end fittings.

Heat Protection Sleeves and Mats

Heat protection sleeves and mats extend our expertise in protective aluminum flexible tubing to other shapes and uses. Layers of aluminum foil are combined with fiberglass for products that can withstand temperatures up to 750°C.

Flexible Tubes for Hot & Cold Air Distribution

Air flow routing tubes are designed to channel different kinds of air to appropriate destinations. If you have a specialized vehicle and need superior flexibility in your air duct tubing, these products lead the industry.


CARADUCT® flexible tubes are multi-layer, grooved tubes that are wound from a combination of aluminum and paper layers. They possess a particularly high crushing strength and have very good insulation properties. Through high flexibility and small bending radii, they offer good space usage, particularly when laying out in corners.


Dükerrohr is a twin flexible tube distinguished by a particularly high insulation effectiveness to reduce temperature drops in the warm air ducting. Since it is installed outside of the vehicle, it carries additional protection against water and oil splashes.

Exhaust Pipes

CORMIFLEX® tubes are folded spiral-seam pipes made of high-grade steel precision strip. Reaching up to 350°C, their high temperature resistance is predominantly used for exhaust gas routing in passenger car, utility vehicle, RV and marine heating units. CORMIFLEX® PLUS bears additional resistance against corrosion due to salt and other aggressive agents.

Thermal Insulation

High-Temperature insulating hose (HT hose) protects heat-conveying lines and prevents thermal damage to adjoining parts with a fiberglass and double-coated silicon rubber top layer. The HT hose is available as a self-contained or re-closable sleeve as well as a custom-made mat. The approximate surface temperature of the duct can be up to 500°C.