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At Novelis, our people are our greatest asset. We make it a priority to identify the very best talent and provide them with the right growth and development opportunities.

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Our people are our greatest asset

At Novelis, we make it a priority to identify the very best talent and provide them with the right growth and development opportunities. By embracing diversity and empowering our employees to pursue their curiosities and strategic ideas, Novelis employees are able to enhance their skill sets and work across business segments and geographies to gain new experience. This, coupled with our culture, enables us to safely deliver high-quality products to our customers around the world.

To do that, Novelis recruits, develops and retains the leading professionals in our industry and every one of our 12,690 employees plays a role in shaping the future – of or company and our world.

Our Story

Novelis is the leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum. We have an integrated network of technically advanced rolling and recycling operations across 33 facilities in 9 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Our customers include some of the largest and best-known automotive, beverage can, architecture and consumer electronics brands in the world such as Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Samsung. From development to production, our world-class scientists, engineers, metallurgists and commercial teams partner with our customers to reimagine aluminum’s role in their products and provide rapid, adaptive solutions for any manufacturing challenge that may arise.




Our Culture

Everything we do at Novelis begins with our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers and communities. We owe our status as a world-class manufacturer to our employees who continually anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of all those we work with across the globe. At Novelis, each of us is driven to produce excellence.

Novelis’ employees worldwide are the driving force behind our forward-thinking innovation and it’s their talent that sets us apart as a twenty-first century manufacturer. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunities and support they need to further grow their talents and take pride in a diverse team of professionals who represent our unmatched global presence.

Novelis’ worldwide locations enable us to embrace diverse cultures and communities and push boundaries through unique thinking and different perspectives. To maximize the experience of our employees, we rotate high-potential colleagues through many parts of our business – be it automotive, beverage can or high-end specialties – in order to prepare them to lead across our global organization.

A Workplace Centered Around Safety

As part of our Novelis Safety System, we use a systematic approach for identifying, managing and mitigating safety risks in our operations.

Alongside ensuring the health and safety of our employees, Novelis provides them with opportunities to develop and enhance their skills and grow professionally. This includes encouraging grassroots-led initiatives to make the workplace and our communities safer.  One such initiative is Novelis Prepared where we are working toward 100% of our colleagues being trained in CPR, AED and basic First Aid.

Success Beyond the Classroom

Engineering experience and talent is a critical need at Novelis, as our engineers are at the forefront of developing and delivering new products for our customers. With that top-of-mind, Novelis created the Engineering Development Program, identifying the most qualified candidates and providing them with clear career paths to support future growth and development.

The program consists of technical, professional and leadership training conducted at Novelis’ 33 manufacturing facilities around the world over the course of four week-long sessions. The program includes classroom coursework, coaching, on-the-job projects and other development opportunities.

Upon completion of the program, Novelis works closely with each participant to provide a clear career path that aligns their interests and Novelis’ business needs across automation engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering and environmental health and safety.

This program has proven to accelerate the development of an early-career engineer as it provides them with knowledge of the end-to-end manufacturing process and an understanding of how their role aligns to it. In the six years that the Engineering Development Program has been in existence, over 350 early-career engineers have graduated.

Women in Novelis (WiN)

Women in Novelis (WiN) is an employee program aimed at supporting the professional contributions and careers of female employees at Novelis. This grassroots effort helps us embrace and leverage our diversity by providing a forum for women and men to share ideas, network and help accelerate the recruitment, retention and advancement of women at all levels of our organization. Driving new opportunities and positive changes in policies and operations, Novelis is dedicated to furthering our commitment to ensure all employees have the right tools, resources and opportunities to grow, thrive and develop.

Engineering Profiles

At Novelis, engineering is among the most critical roles in the development of products that are constantly moving aluminum forward. And as an engineer here, your opportunities to create real impact are numerous and diverse.

Specialized engineering roles where your skills can make a difference at Novelis include:

Product (Metallurgical) Engineers work extensively with all Novelis sheet groups and facilities to ensure production of consistently high-quality products. Metallurgical engineers operate on a sheet and group-wide basis, providing technical guidance to all manufacturing and support departments in the areas of product and process metallurgy.

Automation Engineers provide expertise in automation, computer control and process knowledge and are a critical part of manufacturing, particularly in terms of safety, quality and cost objectives. These positions require a B.S. degree in computer or information systems. Experience in the maintenance, design, development, implementation and optimization of automated systems relevant to industrial process control is preferred.

Mechanical Engineers provide a full range of engineering expertise, effectively servicing equipment, buildings, grounds and utilities as needed. The services provided cover all phases of heavy industrial plant engineering typical of the metals industry and are usually mechanical, electrical or civil in nature. This role may at times direct the work of outside contractors, draftsmen, engineering technicians or other elements of the maintenance workforce on special projects.

Electrical Engineers provide expertise for project and maintenance work as required to meet the plant’s objectives. This can include developing scopes of work, schedules and budgets for new equipment or modifications to existing equipment or control systems; carrying out engineering studies; reviewing and advising on designs; developing equipment specifications; supervising installations; and commissioning and providing cost controls.

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