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  • Architecture & Construction
Explore Architectural Applications

Decades of innovation with new coatings and treatments have made our architectural products incomparable in their aesthetics, versatility and efficiency.

Distinctive Designs

Aluminum building and construction materials are ideal for groundbreaking and demanding design. The material’s quality, cost-effectiveness, protective properties, environmental friendliness and strength are key to its popularity in aluminum architecture worldwide.

Novelis aluminum has proven itself in numerous projects, making our architectural products the material of choice for daring and distinctive design and construction. Many of the skylines around the world feature our aluminum facades and aluminum roofing. From train stations to convention centers, shopping complexes to airports, schools to aquariums, today’s designers, architects and builders turn to Novelis aluminum building and construction materials. It sets their buildings apart, satisfying high standards for both aesthetics and performance.

Meets Your Specific Requirements

Whether our customers seek sleek lines, undulating surfaces, brilliant colors or clean metallic sheen from their aluminum architecture, Novelis provides a variety of specialized architectural products designed to meet the exact requirements of the construction industry. These specialty aluminum products also enable architects to bring their most innovative and ambitious designs to life in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

With advanced coil-coating techniques, our architectural products deliver a wide range of metallic glosses and attractive colors to create a brilliant appearance. They provide excellent formability and outstanding durability as a result of aluminum’s superb ductility and corrosion and weather resistance. This means the aluminum features on buildings will retain their appearance for decades without degradation with proper maintenance. Lastly, our product’s light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio make aluminum alloys a valuable asset for ambitious construction, while the fire reaction and insulating properties help provide safety and efficiency.

Architectural Products for Fire Safety

Of utmost importance in any commercial building or residence is protection from fire. Under international regulations, only non-combustible architectural products may be used in buildings exceeding a height of approximately 20 meters. For public facilities, however, such as nurseries, schools, hospitals, hotels and airports, this requirement applies no matter the height of the structure.

Novelis aluminum construction materials are not only fire resistant, but many of our products have also achieved the highest A1 rating in accordance with non-combustibility standards DIN EN 13501, DIN 4102 and 96/603/EC.

With this rating, these Novelis products can be used on any building of any height without restriction.

A Sustainable Environmental Solution

The material of the future, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. The recycling process requires just 5 percent of the energy needed to generate primary aluminum, without losing any of the properties or qualities of the primary product.

Novelis pre-painted aluminum is also environmentally friendly, with all paints and lubricants processed in a closed material cycle. Pigments in the paint are non-hazardous, and the aluminum is free from heavy metal erosion and is ground-water neutral.

Taking advantage of specialized products like pre-painted aluminum, anodized aluminum and our customized aluminum alloys, Novelis products deliver exceptional results in aluminum architecture for buildings and homes, inside and out.