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  • HRC73A™
High Recycled Content Coil-Anodized Aluminum
Innovative HRC73A™ has a recycled content alloy of more than 90%

This new product expands the Novelis product range of anodizing qualities to include an aluminum alloy with an exceptionally high recycled content of more than 90%. With this innovative brand, Novelis has developed a low carbon product with permanent metallic gloss and excellent bending properties.

HRC73A™ is sold as a coil-anodized product and is ready for further processing.

The innovative Novelis brand HRC73A™ produced from an alloy with more than 90% recycled content enables architects to create sophisticated and outstanding architectural designs with a decreased carbon footprint.

Product Specifications
Alloy:DIN EN AW 5005 AlMg1-B
Temper:H14 / H12
Available thickness in mm: 1.0-2.5 (H14) / 3.0 (H12)
Available sheet width in mm: 1,000; 1,250; 1,500
Available sheet lenth in mm2,000; 2,500; 3,000
Surface Finish
Layer-thickness in µm: 10-20
Physical Properties
Modulus of elasticity: approx. 70,000 Mpa
Density: approx. 2.7 t/m3
Thermal expansion coefficient:0.0236 mm/Kelvin/m
Electrical conductivity: 23 to 31 * 106 S/m
Weldability: well to moderately suitable with SG-AIMg3
Bending radii at 90° according to EN ISO 7438: R = 1 x t: The inner bending radii (R) are equal to the sheet thickness (t). During bending micro-cracks could occur and could be visible as bright lines in the bending area.
Fire Safety
Rating class: A1 (non-combustible in non-dispersed form)
According to: DIN 4102 respectively 96/603/EG

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