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  • AL:sust™ HRC73A®
High Recycled Content Coil-Anodized Aluminum
Innovative HRC73A® has a recycled content alloy of more than 90%

This pre-anodized product expands the Novelis product range of anodizing product solutions for architectural applications with an exceptionally high-recycled content of more than 90%. HRC73A® provides an outstanding AlMg1 quality for with permanent metallic gloss, excellent bending properties and non-combustible properties.

The Novelis product AL:sust™ HRC73A® is available as coil or in flat sheet dimensions for direct façade cladding. It allows architects, fabricators, façade installers, and building owners to achieve more sophisticated and compelling designs while decreasing the carbon footprint of new-build or redesigned structures.

Innovation improves the future – Winner of German Innovation Award 2022

Successful innovation is more than just a new idea – it noticeably improves the future. Novelis AL:sust™ HRC73A® was recognized by the German Design Council with the 2022 German Innovation Award. AL:sust™ HRC73A® won in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Materials & Surfaces”. The German Innovation Awards honor products and solutions across industries. Solutions that clearly stand out from the crowd thanks to their added value for users and the environment.