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  • Sustainability

Our Ambition

Novelis’ ambition is to be the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum solutions that advance our business, industry and society toward the benefits of a circular economy.

Our Safety

Everything we do at Novelis begins and ends with safety and it is critical to the success of our overall sustainability journey. Our industry-leading Novelis Safety System provides a comprehensive, systemic approach to help ensure the health and well-being of our employees worldwide. Novelis team members are charged with looking out for not only their own safety, but that of their colleagues and visitors to our sites.

Our Journey

Novelis is the leading producer of flat rolled aluminum products and the largest recycler of aluminum in the world.

We work alongside our customers to create innovative, sustainable solutions and processes to help realize the full potential of aluminum as an infinitely recyclable material that contributes to lower carbon emissions.

Since our founding, we have achieved great success with the support of our parent company, Hindalco, and the larger Aditya Birla Group, and through the long-term partnerships we have established with our customers. Recycling and sustainability have been central to Novelis’ values, our business model, and our purpose of Shaping a Sustainable World Together.

*Baseline averages of Fiscal Years 2007-2009 

Our Recycling Leadership

Novelis is the largest, most technologically advanced aluminum recycler in the world. Through recycling, we preserve the value of aluminum alloys to maximize the environmental benefits of increased recycled content across our product portfolio.

*Baseline averages of Fiscal Years 2007-2009 

Our Opportunity

Novelis has a leading role to play in the global effort to achieve a low-carbon and circular economy and to address the challenges brought on by climate change.

Aluminum’s unique properties as an infinitely recyclable material hold promise for achieving a more sustainable future and transforming how we live. We understand that our business and our industry creates environmental, economic, and social impacts that come from the extraction and use of non-renewable resources, as well as manufacturing byproducts. These include carbon emissions, resource consumption, biodiversity impacts and waste.

So, our focus is not only to find new ways to reduce our impact but also to discover and scale the benefits of a low-carbon and circular approach for our business and the partners along our value chain. At the same time, we will need an inclusive and diverse workforce to develop innovative solutions for the benefit of society.

Our Commitments

At Novelis, we want to move faster and take bolder actions to elevate the use of aluminum as a material of choice for a more sustainable world.

As the next critical step in our journey, we are making new commitments to achieve a lower carbon footprint to advance our overall sustainability profile and strengthen our ability to achieve them as a team and with our customers, suppliers, communities, and other partners. These are ambitious targets that will unlock more value and opportunity not only for our customers and our company but for our industry and society.

*Includes Scopes 1-3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and based on Fiscal Year 2016 Baseline 

Our Goals

We have already accomplished much, but to fully deliver on our purpose and create even more value for our customers, we must continually raise the bar and set ambitious goals.

Achieving these goals will contribute to maintaining our position as the industry leader and as our customers’ first choice for innovative aluminum solutions.

*Based on Fiscal Year 2020 Baseline

Our People

Our employees are at the heart of our drive to innovate and transform. Their diverse backgrounds, expertise and perspectives will help ensure we reach the ambitious goals we have set and strengthen our culture. Continuing to build out inclusive and diverse teams will drive innovation, expand the voices and skills that propel our business, and attract the highest-caliber talent.

  • Expand our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy and targets through our global D&I board and regional councils
  • Further embrace the diversity of our employees and empower our Employee Resource Groups to help drive our efforts to become a fully inclusive organization
  • Educate and equip our people managers to lead inclusively and by example
  • Strengthen our corporate culture and continue to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards

Our Products

Together with our partners, we see tremendous opportunity in continuing to develop products that expand the use of lightweight,
infinitely recyclable aluminum to meet our customers’ and consumers’ current and future performance standards and sustainability goals.


Beverage Can


Aerospace &
Industrial Plate

Our Leadership in Automotive

Global automotive customers turn to Novelis to help them develop circular economy solutions, like lightweighting and closed-loop recycling, that help them sustainably achieve their design and manufacturing goals.

Lightweighting with aluminum:

  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Extends electric battery range
  • Improves safety and performance

Closed-loop recycling systems:

  • Preserve the value of alloys
  • Reduce tailpipe and transport emissions
  • Establish a secure supply chain
  • Deliver significant cost savings to customers
Our Leadership in Beverage Can Packaging

Aluminum beverage cans are the model of sustainable packaging. Making cans from recycled aluminum is better for our environment, better for our customers and better for our business, which is why Novelis works across the value chain to continuously improve and invest in recycling capabilities.

  • Infinitely recyclable material
  • 82 billion recycled UBCs globally each year
  • 60 days for recycled cans to be back on store shelves
Our Leadership in Specialties

Novelis’ specialties business contains a diverse portfolio that ranges from architectural and building materials to coffee capsules to consumer electronics. Our team works alongside customers to develop the right solution for every application.

  • Technical innovation is leading to new aluminum alloys achieving 80-90% recycled content
  • Closed-loop recycling systems are creating efficiencies and reducing waste
Our Leadership in Aerospace & Industrial Plate

Novelis is working across the value chain to enhance the sustainability of aerospace and industrial plate products and manufacturing processes. The benefits of aluminum and its ability to be recycled are creating more sustainable solutions to shape the future of the industry.

  • Optimize value chain via closed-loop recycling
  • Innovative, low-density alloys unlock potential for new applications
  • Weight-savings increases fuel efficiency and lowers operating costs

Our Communities 

At Novelis, we work to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families, the communities where we operate and society as a whole. 

Through Novelis Neighbor, our global charitable giving and employee volunteer program, we support the needs of our communities and contribute in ways that reflect the passion and expertise that uniquely define our company. To do this, we focus our engagement programs on STEM education, raising recycling awareness, and the overall health and wellbeing of our communities.

Our Future

Novelis is committed to achieving our ambition to be the world’s leading provider of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum solutions that advance our business, industry and society to realize the benefits of a circular economy and fulfill our purpose of Shaping a Sustainable World Together.