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  • J57S UP®
Batch Anodized Aluminum
J57S UP is a rolled alloy designed to be a perfect base material for batch anodized aluminum.

Created specifically by Novelis to meet the requirements of modern architecture, including aluminum facades and aluminum roofing, its value and utility have been proven over decades of use. Its excellent deformation capacity provides the best preconditions for fabrication, allowing for bending, cutting, punching, drilling and more.

Brighter and Better Aluminum

Due to a special etching structure, our J57S UP alloy offers more than the commercial-quality brilliance of standard AlMg1 aluminum. The alloy’s chemical composition is set within very narrow limits and in such a way that the anodized aluminum façade exhibits a striking metallic appearance.

Higher levels of manganese and copper in the composition compared to standard AlMg1 alloys, together with a sophisticated manufacturing process, provide the platform for optimum uniformity in color tone and gloss levels, even if mixing production lots.

Making Ground-Breaking Buildings Possible

One of the greatest architectural challenges is to design large-dimensional structures. Novelis J57S UP batch anodized aluminum can be used for a number of applications and is appropriate for public-building facades of more than 20 meters in height. Key properties include:

  • Decorative with permanent metallic gloss
  • Firm bond with the metal surface, so no peeling, chipping or corrosion
  • Non-flammable per 96/603/EC and non-combustible per DIN 4102
  • Non-toxic (hot-water sealing)
  • Electrically insulated
  • Highly recyclable
Quality Control

The manufacturing process of J57S UP is tightly controlled. Strict checks are in place throughout operations:

  • Ingot production – casting parameters and ingot pre-treatment
  • Pre-heating and hot-rolling
  • Cold rolling and intermediate annealing
  • Dimensions and flatness to DIN EN 485-4
  • Mechanical properties to DIN EN 485-2
  • Surface check

Before each production batch leaves a Novelis plant, a trial anodizing process is carried out and assessed before being released for delivery, ensuring our customers always receive the highest-quality product possible.


Novelis aluminum in anodizing quality is easy to work with, so it’s adaptable to various installation techniques. Conventional fastening for curtain-type, ventilated facades are possible, as well as modern bonding techniques for invisible fastening or stud welding.

In addition to typical outdoor elements such as panels, cassettes or flat sheets, unusual façade types such as striking rhombus forms can also be created with our batch anodized aluminum, allowing greater freedom in architectural design.


Color is crucial in architecture, especially for aluminum facades. Contrast and matches to surrounding areas are major factors when developing projects. Novelis J57S UP provides a broad variety of UV-resistant colors from a light bronze tone to black. Gold and other colors are also available. Novelis batch anodized aluminum can be colored using either the electrolytic process with metal salt or the immersion process.

The chemical composition of J57S UP and the process parameters in the Novelis mill are particularly tuned to using a deoxidation process to remove acid sulphur, hydrogen peroxide or nitric more easily. It also prevents streaking and other effects caused by an incomplete pickling on the surface. The color and gloss consistency are unmatched.

Product Specifications
Alloy: EN AW 5005 (AlMg1-B)
Temper: H14/H12
Available thickness in mm: 1.0 – 3.0 / 4.0
Available sheet width in mm: 1000 – 2000
Available sheet length in mm: 2000 – 6000
Breaking elongation: A 50 > 2 – 3 % / > 5 %
Elongation limit: Rp 0,2 120 MPa / 95 MPa
Tensile strength: Rm 145 – 185 MPa / 120 -165 MPa
Linear expansion: 0,0236 mm/m/°K
Elasticity: 70.000 MPa
Rating class: A1 acc. to 96/603/EG
According to DIN/EN: DIN 4102
Recyclability: 100%, luctus nec ullamcorper
mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.