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  • Aerospace
In the aerospace industry we specialize in the production of rolled aluminum plate and sheet materials for fuselage and wing structure components according to standard or customized specifications.

The aerospace industry is building new aircraft to accommodate a growing number of air passengers and to replace older, less efficient planes with newer, more fuel-efficient models. Aluminum offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, energy efficiency, and high tolerance to extreme temperatures- making it an ideal material for the manufacturing of aircraft. It can also be recycled repeatedly, making it a good choice as manufacturers pursue sustainability initiatives.

Our customers include some of the largest and best-known brands in the world.



We have introduced new low-density alloys that represent an innovative step forward for aluminum in aerospace.  Weight-savings from these new alloys translate into fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for the airline industry.

We manufacture many different plates in various standard and customer-specified alloys using some of the world’s most advanced hot and cold rolling mills.  With a 160-inch (4.064 m) hot rolling mill and a 148-inch (3.760 m) cold rolling mill, we can produce very wide and ultra-thick plates, either heat-treated or non-heat treated. High-quality aluminum plates meet the most demanding standards, plus many individual customer specifications.


We have served the aerospace industry for more than thirty years and continue to expand our production capabilities to better serve our customers.  Among the most important aerospace aluminum plate facilities in the world, Koblenz, Germany is backed by a leading research and development team that works with customers to deliver new solutions to the marketplace.  The Koblenz plant also served as the blueprint for the company’s world-class rolling mill in Zhenjiang, China, which began serving the aerospace industry in 2014.

Our rolling mill in Zhenjiang was designed to meet fast-growing regional and global demand for technically advanced aluminum plate products for aerospace and commercial plate customers.  The state-of-the-art plant, one of only a handful in the world, is equipped to produce the most advanced value-added aluminum material for aerospace and leading manufacturers in a variety of fast-growing global industries.


Our innovation centers in Koblenz, Germany, and Zhenjiang, China, in particular focus on the aerospace industry and have developed innovations that include high-strength alloys for structural plate applications and Aluminum Magnesium Scandium alloys for lighter fuselage sheets associated with new joining and forming technologies.