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  • Life of a Can
About the Program

What is the impact of recycling just ONE can? Novelis is proud to present Life of a Can, a recycling education program that allows elementary and middle school students to explore this question and many more! Students will be empowered to make a positive difference in their communities as they explore the never-ending lifecycle of a recycled aluminum can. Whether you are a student, teacher, Novelis colleague, or someone who wishes to champion recycling in your community, you will find everything you need to know about the benefits of aluminum and why it’s so important to recycle it through Life of a Can!

Each one of us can be defenders of the planet, just like former National Hockey League defenseman Andrew Ference, who highlights the power of recycling in our featured video, What’s One Can. After viewing the video, you CAN explore how recycling saves energy, investigate your impact on the environment, and examine the properties and structures of aluminum.

As a hockey player, I understand the importance of a dedicated team. When everyone works together, there are no limits to what we can do. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Novelis to spread the word about this educational program that teaches students the importance of recycling and empowers them make a difference.

– Andrew Ference, Professional Hockey Player

Activities and Resources
Educator Resources

Designed to reinforce the importance of recycling, empower students to make a positive difference, and introduce the unique properties of aluminum, Life of a Can offers standards-aligned digital learning tools for every classroom.

Digital Lesson Plan

In this student-centered, teacher-led lesson, students are challenged to examine how we recycle materials like aluminum, what we can do with recycled products, and why it’s so important to recycle.

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Classroom Activities
Start Your Own Recycling Program

Is your school currently without a recycling program? Bring learning to life and engage your students in establishing a school-wide program, with our Recycling Program Toolkit.

Employee Resources

Novelis is proud to be the world’s leading recycler of aluminum, and Novelis employees worldwide are passionate ambassadors of the importance of recycling. Visit our Employee Resources page today and download activities to share with your family or youth in community.

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Family Resources

Students will be empowered to bring the message of recycling home, and our family activity helps them to demonstrate the lessons learned to family and friends. Help students see they CAN make a difference at home, too!


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