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Case Study

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

Looking to make an impression with art and technology, designers chose ColorisTM pre-painted aluminum to create the aesthetically modern facade of the airport’s newest terminal.

Comprising five stories, plans for Terminal 2 at Incheon Airport are to serve approximately 18 million passengers annually. The terminal currently is home to four airlines, including the country’s flagship carrier, Korean Air.

Technology plays a key role in the new terminal. More than 60 self-check-in stations, as well as smart bag-drop machines, are designed to streamline the travel process. Robots also roam the terminal to help passengers navigate the terminal and get to their gates on time.

City: Incheon
Country: South Korea
Products: Coloris pre-painted aluminum
Application: Facade cladding and interior
Color: White

Thickness: 2 mm facade; 0.8 mm interior
Quantity: 30,500 m2
Architect: Heerim Architects & Planners
Installation: Hanjin Heavy Industries

As Much Art as Airport

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 is designed to be not just an entry and exit point into and out of South Korea, but also an experience. Large art installations figure prominently in the traveler’s journey as they make their way through the airport.

The terminal itself also serves as a piece of art. Using Novelis Coloris pre-painted aluminum sheets, those designing and constructing the structure were able to achieve a light, airy and aerodynamic aesthetic fitting for the new airport terminal.

Using superior PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paint with ceramic inorganic pigments, the aluminum facade at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 offers unequaled resistance to both corrosion and weather. This adds longevity and reduces the time and cost of maintenance.

The high-strength alloy that is used in Coloris aluminum also allows for wider spans with less material. Weight and costs are reduced, but the integrity of the structure is even better.

Roll-Coating Technique

Novelis pre-painted aluminum panels are produced from sheet that is cleaned, treated and roll-coated in a continuous process. The quality and color consistency are guaranteed by Novelis for up to 20 years. This roll-coating technique produces a uniform thickness throughout the surface, which also contributes to the non-combustibility of the material.