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  • Interior & Decorative

The sleek look and clean lines also bring a fresh, contemporary aesthetic to any interior. From offices to exhibition halls, hospitals to restaurants, Novelis specialty aluminum products are established features of modern design.

Ceiling Choices

Smooth or perforated, Novelis pre-painted products can be used for aluminum ceiling panels, grid ceilings, long panel cassettes, lamp grid elements, substructure partitions, aluminum decorative panels and support rails. The aluminum also can be combined with other materials to achieve excellent acoustic absorbance. With the modular production of aluminum ceiling tiles, if there’s ever any damage, only that area requires replacement, making maintenance simple and more cost-effective.

A Healthier Interior

Aluminum ceiling panels can be easily washed, assuring the complete removal of dust and bacteria. This is especially important where hygienic conditions are the primary concern, such as healthcare facilities and restaurants. Aluminum also does not absorb or produce humidity, allowing for a healthier interior environment.

Bright and Beautiful Decorative Aluminum

Designed specifically for ceilings, Novelis offers SKY® pre-painted decorative aluminum sheet. Quick and easy to clean, it’s particularly suitable for hospitals and restaurants. For those modern designs that demand extra brilliance, Superbright® pre-painted rolled aluminum is ideal for false ceilings. A transparent lacquer protects while bringing unparalleled levels of reflectivity – just the accent needed to make modern design shine.

Furniture Indoors and Out

The right furniture can brighten a small space or provide intimacy and appropriate scale to a larger area. The physical and chemical properties of aluminum allow for practically endless possibilities when creating aluminum furniture. The excellent formability and light weight, combined with unmatched durability and corrosion resistance, make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Pre-painted and anodized finishes further enhance the range and applications for aluminum furniture for the consumer. Anodized surfaces have a matte finish that provides a distinct aesthetic and requires minimal maintenance compared to alternative materials. The anodized surface can also be treated with paints, dyes and adhesives to achieve the desired look.

Environmental Advantages

Novelis aluminum construction materials have long been a preferred choice with customers to help them achieve the dual objectives of overall durability and visual appeal. In addition, our decorative aluminum can also help customers achieve greater sustainability, using a product with a base material that can be recycled over and over without affecting the quality. When pre-painted aluminum is used, the lubricants and paints used in the process are part of a closed material cycle, further adding to the material’s environmental advantages.

Explore Novelis Interior & Decorative Products

With the versatility of aluminum, interior spaces can be as visually impressive as the exterior. Novelis pre-painted and anodized aluminum can make rooms better from the top down, providing options to enhance ceilings in a room, as well as the furniture to fill it. Production of these materials is environmentally friendly, and pre-treatment and coatings are chrome and heavy-metal free.