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  • Roofing & Gutters

The primary task for the roof of any building is naturally to protect the interior. And gutters also protect the structure, playing a key role in controlling water flow off of the roof and away from the building. Of course, the roof and the gutter system also contribute to a building’s aesthetic appeal and its visual impression. In fact, often the roof of a building becomes a fixture on the skyline and a landmark, especially when the design is unique and the surface colorful.

Novelis pre-painted aluminum has proven to be an effective, durable and attractive option for aluminum roofing panels and aluminum gutter material. All of the elements are easily installed and nearly permanent when maintained properly. Our products also offer practically endless possibilities for designers when considering the roof and gutters as part of their aluminum architecture.


Our FALZONAL product is a pre-painted rolled metal designed to deliver superior results for aluminum roofing material. Semi-finished and coil-coated, the mechanical properties of the alloy and the coating were developed specifically for unmatched aluminum double-standing seam roof and wall cladding. Or an angle-standing seam option and ledge roof designs for wall cladding is also available. The choice offers design flexibility, while either creates an attractive appearance.

With a wide variety of colors, as well as custom requests, and good formability, FALZONAL provides the right variety of designs for your needs and has the ability to be combined with other elements such as wood, stone or glass. It fits into many designs, including sweeping arched roofs, narrow dormers, church towers and large industrial facades.


Novelis also offers Coloris™, a high-strength alloy that allows less material to be used per aluminum roofing panel, but with no compromise in the strength of the material. And with a one-third reduction in weight per unit surface area, wider spans than typical AlMg1 alloys are possible.

This added strength saves material, which saves money. Under high-stress loads, such as a high-rise building exposed to high winds, this strength is what those designing and constructing such places count on to get the performance they want.

Exceptional Gutters
Super Grondal®

Super Grondal® makes possible a new generation of pre-painted aluminum gutter material and accessories that are highly resistant to weather and polluting agents. Proper sealers also eliminate time-consuming welding and ensure a long life with a perfect seal of all junctions.

Its new color shading technique gives the aluminum an appearance similar to copper, but unlike copper, architects and builders can depend on the color and finish to remain unchanged through the years.