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Case Study

Gimpo International Airport

The work being done is to improve the experience and the security for these passengers, many of them tourists and people doing business in the region. To accomplish the state-of the-art design, architects chose ColorisTM pre-painted aluminum for the roofing because of its light weight, strength and resistance to the elements.

A major focus of the renovation is to increase the size of the departure lounge by 2,220 m2, which will add more space for the group tours that seem to increase every summer during the peak travel season at Gimpo International Airport. The high ceiling will allow more natural light to enter the space.

In addition, security checkpoints will grow from 10 to 14 and nine boarding gates will increase to 12. Moving sidewalks will also be added to help expedite passenger traffic.

The plan for the terminal rooftop is to convert it to a public space that passengers as well as nearby residents can enjoy. Observatories and a garden are also planned for the rooftop.

City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Products: Coloris pre-painted aluminum
Application: Roofing
Color: Bright silver

Thickness: 0.9 mm
Quantity: 45,000 m2
Architect: Heerim Architects & Planners
Installation: Hanjin Heavy Industries

Exceptional Roofing Material

With the roof such an integral part to the Gimpo International Airport remodel, the architects wanted a material that would not only add to the aesthetics of the newly renovated space, but also make sense structurally and economically. They selected pre-painted Novelis Coloris for the aluminum roofing materials.

Compared to conventional aluminum panels that are post-painted, Novelis pre-painted aluminum panels are produced from sheet that is treated, cleaned and then roll-coated in one continuous process. The consistency of color and quality is unmatched.

Coloris uses high-quality PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paints with ceramic inorganic pigments, so they have high resistance to weather and corrosion, especially important when maintaining roofing material.

The quality of Coloris is guaranteed up to 20 years by Novelis, and panels are fire resistant and rated non-combustible.

Environmentally Responsible

Also looking to be environmentally responsible where possible in the renovation, Novelis Coloris fits well into the designers’ plans. Our aluminum is recyclable as a raw material without any loss in quality. It is also free from heavy-metal erosion and is ground water neutral. The roll-coating process also uses less paint, and for the paint that is applied, only non-hazardous pigments are used.