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Case Study

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

The Olympic-sized main stadium will be the city’s landmark sports complex for international events. The architects and installers, wishing to have the exterior of the facilities reflect the flora found nearby, chose Novelis ColorisTM pre-painted aluminum to construct the shells of the stadiums.

When completed by the end of 2018, the 80,000-seat main facility will be the largest of its kind in China. It will be used primarily for soccer, or football, matches, as well as international track and field competitions. Two swimming venues, with capacities for 18,000 and 6,000 spectators, are also part of the complex.

The second stadium at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is designed to host tennis matches with a 10,000-seat venue for finals, a pair of venues for semifinal matches with 2,000 seats each, as well as a number of facilities for semifinal matches and training.

Though international and national sports competitions on the top floor will be the heart of the complex, it is part of a mixed-use area that has two other levels of activity. The ground level will host public recreation and include gardens and walkways, while below ground will be retail space, restaurants and a cinema.

City: Hangzhou
Country: China
Products: Coloris pre-painted aluminum
Application: Roofing
Color: Bone White

Thickness: 1.2 mm
Quantity: 400 metric tons
Architect: NBBJ & CCDI
Installation: Kalzip

Stronger and Safer

In an effort to use less steel, designers looked to alternatives when considering a design reflecting the landscape and shapes of the nearby riverfront. Novelis Coloris pre-painted aluminum in bone white was chosen for the roofing to realize the organic shapes of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center efficiently and effectively.

A high-strength aluminum alloy, Coloris provided added benefits for those designing and constructing the complex. The higher strength allows the same performance using less panels. Able to create wider spans of aluminum roofing panels with Coloris than with traditional aluminum alloys (AlMg1), the weight drops by a third per unit surface area. There is less material for less money, but no compromise in quality.

Novelis pre-painted aluminum panels are produced from sheet that is cleaned, treated and roll-coated in a continuous process. The quality and color consistency are not only guaranteed by Novelis for up to 20 years, but this process also maintains the coat thickness, which is required by fire-resistance building codes worldwide.