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Novelis Aluminum Facades
Our materials meet all the factors necessary to create an impressive, efficient and long-lasting structure – aesthetics, design qualities, safety and durability.

Integral to every building, the aluminum facade is not only the outward face that the structure presents to the world, but also the statement that face makes to those both inside and out. Equally important today are the ease and economics of construction, as well as lifespan and environmental responsibility. Novelis aluminum building materials, both pre-painted and anodized, offer architects and builders the freedom to create striking, memorable and sustainable structures that last for decades.

Adaptable Aluminum Building Materials

Novelis aluminum building materials come in a wide variety of colors, allowing the flexibility for structures to stand out, blend in to surroundings or even change their appearance depending on the light. In addition, easy processing and superior formability make shapes possible that can reflect the building’s purpose and the activities within, whether that’s a memorial to the Titanic in Ireland or an airport terminal in South Korea.

Strong protection properties help our aluminum retain its brilliant surface and make it both attractive and efficient. Due to high-quality alloys and an innovative coating system, products offer resistance against UV light, corrosion and weather, adding to the durability. Our aluminum facades are also fire resistant and have a long service life, withstanding some of the most challenging conditions, including marine environments and extreme temperatures.

Improving Sustainable Construction

Being 100 percent recyclable, aluminum makes meeting sustainable construction demands much easier. Whether it’s the light weight that simplifies logistics, the non-hazardous coatings or the absence of heavy metal erosion, our pre-painted and anodized aluminum facades are the material of choice for building facades that improve both personal and global environments.

Aluminum Building Facades

Constructing a new aluminum building facade or renovating an existing one, our customers can choose from a range of building products based on the requirements of their project. Our aluminum building materials are available both anodized and pre-painted to provide the finish and protection necessary, depending on how and where it is used. Whether a coating is needed that’s part of the metal or the versatility of color options is more important, Novelis has the right aluminum for the job.