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  • Sun Protection & Windows
Our pre-painted products are specially made for the requirements of aluminum shutters, sunbreakers and windows, protecting not just exteriors, but interiors as well.

At Novelis, we collaborate with our clients to bring their visions to life, enhanced by aluminum’s practical benefits from aesthetics to cost-effectiveness that the material provides in these building and construction applications.

Protection Inside and Out

Outside, rolling aluminum shutters, sunbreakers and windows provide a barrier to weather. In oceanfront and surrounding areas, they can also serve as protection from high winds and storms that can break windows and damage property. In many cases, the protection these aluminum window shutters afford can reduce insurance premiums in such storm-prone zones.

Inside, these structures can provide privacy, sound insulation and light-level control, making for a better interior environment, whether the building is commercial or residential. In addition, roller shutters and sunbreakers can keep the sun out in summer and the cold out in winter, improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Novelis pre-painted aluminum shutters, sunbreakers and windows offer the strength and formability necessary to ensure longevity and dependable protection. In addition, with a weight approximately 30 percent less than copper or steel, the lightness of aluminum makes it easier to work with, reducing the time required for installation.

To ensure high-quality and extended product life, we test resistance to a number of conditions through accelerated exposure tests, including salt spray fog, water immersion, weathering using UV lamps, abrasion, high sunshine levels, and marine and industrial climates.

Shutter-Specific Paint

Novelis SP80 is an especially abrasion-resistant paint system for rolling aluminum shutter slats based on polyamide-treated premium polyurethane. A large number of standard colors are available, as well as those similar to stainless steel and the RAL color matching system. Wood grain imitations are possible, as are new colors that can be matched to provided samples. Typical features include two-coat coil coating (primer and top coat applied and stove-enameled separately), 20-28 µm paint thickness, depending on color, and thermal stability from -40°C to +80°C.

Colorful and Customizable

Our aluminum shutter, sunbreaker and window materials are painted on one or both sides in a continuous coil-coating process. They provide the highest levels of consistency of gauge and paint application to ensure easy operation for decades, along with an attractive and customizable appearance.

Paint options include a wide range of long-lasting colors, a decorative semi-gloss and a textured surface finish. We can also match special colors to ensure our materials fit the space exactly for a customized appearance.

In addition, materials are non-combustible for fire prevention and provide superior abrasion resistance due to a special polyurethane enamel, optimal ductility and stiffness. It can withstand heavy loads and resist cracking or bending.

Build Sustainably

Achieving sustainability goals or standards in design and construction is made easier when using Novelis products. The base material itself, raw aluminum, is infinitely recyclable without a loss in quality. Recycling aluminum also requires 95 percent less energy than manufacturing primary aluminum.

Our coil-coating process for pre-painted aluminum is also environmentally friendly with all paints and lubricants processed in a closed material cycle. Less paint is consumed in the process, and the paint that is used contains non-hazardous pigments. The pre-treatment is chromium free, and the pre-painted aluminum is free from heavy-metal erosion and is ground water neutral.