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  • Compound Tubes
Unmatched Performance

In the form of compound tubes, Novelis offers aluminum insulators that today’s designers, builders and installers rely on for their high quality, exceptional formability and unmatched performance.

Properties Ideal for Aluminum Insulation

The light weight and pliability of aluminum make it easy to work with and can streamline installation. In addition to the weight advantage and ductility, aluminum provides a complete barrier to light, moisture and magnetic waves. Impermeable to all gases including oxygen, aluminum also provides superior fireproofing capabilities for both industrial and residential construction.

Aluminum insulation offers good noise reduction properties along with resistance to corrosion and heat. Not only does this improve interior environments, it also increases product life and efficiency. These proven characteristics continue to make aluminum the leader in insulation and the preferred choice for all types of building and construction.


Whether for heating, plumbing or gas piping, there are many uses in residential buildings that require first-rate insulation. NOVALTUBE from Novelis is a special aluminum product designed specifically for the superior fabrication of compound tubes, also called plastic-aluminum multilayer pipes. It is ideally suited for various applications, such as heating engineering, drinking water installation, cooling technology, regenerative energies, domestic gas plumbing and industrial applications.

Delivered as a plain, chemically degreased aluminum strip, NOVALTUBE ensures that compound tubes remain in stable condition when bent as well as when straight to facilitate insulation. The aluminum content provides only slight thermal length variation, similar to metal tubes, and the tubes are completely oxygen-impermeable – indispensable when connecting systems such as radiators.

Novelis supplies aluminum coils for compound tubes according to our customer’s requirements, including variable alloys to meet the specific standards of particular projects. State-of-the-art production, experienced specialists and comprehensive technical support ensure the very best quality in the manufacture of our product from casting to packaging and on to installation to make sure the tubes used deliver good corrosion resistance, high stability and flexibility, good welding properties, great adhesive strength for plastic extrusion and high pressure resistance.

Continuing Innovation

As demands change for compound tubes, Novelis will be ready with new solutions. Our research and development supports plant-specific process requirements, as well as continuous targeted research for the further improvement of our products. To ensure that our customers achieve the best possible results when using our aluminum insulation, Novelis also offers comprehensive technical support.

A Sustainable Choice

Novelis aluminum compound tubes not only provide an advantage for construction, but they also offer a more sustainable choice in insulating materials. Aluminum is preferred when seeking environmentally responsible resources for building. The raw aluminum is infinitely recyclable without affecting quality, and with its light weight, aluminum also reduces environmental impact at every step of the supply chain.