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Case Study

Middelfart Savings Bank

Using pre-painted Novelis aluminum ff2® and FALZONAL® in double-standing seam quality for the façade cladding and roofing, the striking geometry of the bank and its tilted roof construction offer a distinctive yet attractive contrast with the town center, while complementing the waterside atmosphere.

Opened in 2009 as the bank’s corporate headquarters, the building was commissioned by Trekantens Ejendomsselskab A/S and designed by Danish architects 3XN.

Middelfart Savings Bank covers an area of 5,000 m2 on three levels. In addition to the various departments and functions of the bank, the building houses a number of shops and a cafe under a canopied market square.

City: Middelfart

Country: Denmark

Products: Pre-painted aluminium ff2 and FALZONAL in standing seam quality

Application: Facade, cladding, and roofing

Color: Standard pure white

Thickness: 2mm

Quantity: 1,500 m2 of ff2 facade cladding; 1,500 m2 of edged ff2 for roofing; 1,200 m2 of FALZONAL for gables

Architect: 3XN

Installation: Fa. Muncholm A/S

Creating New Dimensions in Function & Design

To emphasize the openness and brightness of the building and its surroundings, standard pure white aluminum sheets were chosen to enhance the optical lightness.

Coil-coated aluminum sheet, marketed worldwide as ff2, was used to meet the strict requirements for the aluminum facade cladding material. Characterized by high UV and weather resistance, ff2 provides the excellent durability needed for outdoor applications and exposure to waterfront elements. In addition, this material offers the added benefit of environmentally friendly recycling.

The 2 mm-thick coils of ff2 were cut into sheets after lacquering, and as pre-lacquered sheets they were designed for later shaping.

FALZONAL pre-painted aluminum sheets using double-standing seam roof technology were applied at Middelfart Savings Bank for the rows of small prism-like gables.

With a long roof construction extending obliquely toward the water’s edge, the aluminum-clad gables create small skylights. These are positioned strategically to reflect the varying intensity of the incident daylight in the building. These also offer spectacular views of the waterfront from all levels of the building.

The complete facade consists of 1,500 m2 of ff2 pre-painted aluminum sheet, while 1,200 m2 of FALZONAL pre-painted aluminum sheets in double-standing seam technology were used for the gable. The remaining parts of the roof were covered with 1,500 m2 of edged ff2 pre-painted aluminum.

Benefits for Builders & Users

Muncholm A/S, specialists in metal processing, was commissioned to install the specialty aluminum sheets for the roof and facade construction.

The innovative roof structure and the resulting open spaces of Middelfart Savings Bank presented a special challenge for the development of technical solutions and the selection of the appropriate facade material. Novelis ff2 and FALZONAL offered ideal benefits for the builder and the facility’s multitude of users, providing the perfect combination of function, material and design.

The “Sparekasse Middelfart” represents the successful implementation of forward-looking architecture. The project received the MIPIM Future Project Award, given to innovative building projects throughout the world, as well as a 2011 European Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).