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Case Study

Endner Wohnideen

Completed in 2014, the updated facade is now in greater harmony with the showrooms and overall concept of the store.

Rather than steel or copper, installer Reinhardt GmbH recommended Novelis aluminum to achieve the desired effect. Both ff2® pre-painted aluminum in a copper color and SSL® coil anodized aluminum with a stainless steel look were chosen.

Specializing in high-quality furniture, including exclusive brands and custom-made products, Endner Wohnideen still retained its antique exterior and was in need of refurbishment. Completed in 2014, the updated facade is now in greater harmony with the showrooms and overall concept of the store.

City: Heilbronn
Country: Germany
Products: Pre-painted aluminum ff2 and coil anodized SSL
Application: Facade cladding
Color: Weathered copper and stainless steel look

Thickness: 1 mm and 2 mm
Quantity: 575 m2 ff2, 900 m2 SSL
Architect: Peter Pietrasch
Installation: Reinhardt GmbH

Creating a Cost-Effective 3D facade

Though both weathering steel and copper were considered for the Endner furniture store’s facade, at the end of the planning process, Novelis ff2 pre-painted aluminum with high-quality PVdF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride ) strip coating in copper was used in combination with anodized aluminum SSL.

The deciding factors in choosing Novelis for the aluminum facade were the high color consistency and weather resistance of the surfaces. This meant that the rust washing feared in using weathering steel could be avoided and the cost expectations could be met.

The pre-painted 2 mm thick ff2 cassettes were formed three-dimensionally with different cassette depths and connected by a clip system. Different angles of incidence for the light give viewers the impression of many harmonious tones of copper on the facade.

Using an AlMg3 alloy in temper H42 – a specific formulation for building facades – Novelis ff2 at a 2 mm thickness produces similar spans and fixing widths as a typical AlMg1 alloy with a 3 mm thickness. This offers the benefit of reducing material weight by a third, which simplifies installation, and that saves on installation costs.

Along with ff2, architect Peter Pietrasch combined about 900 m2 of coil-anodized aluminum Novelis SSL in 1 mm and 2 mm thicknesses in the copper-look facade for Endner Wohnideen. Perfectly modeled on polished stainless steel, SSL is a decorative aluminum surface combining the advantages of aluminum with the aesthetics of stainless steel.

Using Novelis aluminum of anodizing quality as the base, SSL structured-surface material is resistant to dirt, corrosion and neutral cleansers when anodized. The potential for weight reduction is significant, and the material is more pliable in comparison to stainless steel.

Perforated cassettes made of Novelis SSL were used in front of the window surfaces, so the large store windows could continue to provide a view from the inside out, but also guarantee privacy.

SSL Adds the Finishing Touches

Though the reveals of the windows and doors were in good shape, they no longer fit with the contemporary image of the new facade, and the replacement would incur unnecessary expenses. The facade installer came up with a simple but efficient solution. They fashioned SSL door and window reveals and glued them together to clad the old elements. The solution was fast, cost-effective and ideal for a uniform design.

To complete the facade transformation of Endner Wohnideen, a spacious entrance cube was also created with the stainless steel look using cassettes made of Novelis SSL.