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Case Study

Car Park Copenhagen

The Danish architects and installers chose ff3® pre-painted aluminum sheets from Novelis for Car Park Copenhagen, designed specifically for aluminum cladding applications. Offering exceptional design potential, longevity and low operating costs due to weatherproofing and low maintenance requirements, ff3 helped drive the possibilities in designing this car park.

Encompassing more than 23,000 m2 over eight stories, Car Park Copenhagen provides more than 700 parking spaces to both local residents and businesses.

The design from the architectural office CCO, Christensen & Co A/S, Copenhagen focused primarily on integrating and blending in with the surrounding apartment buildings. At the same time the aluminum cladding design needed to indicate it serves as a car park, so motorists would not be distracted only by the facade design itself.

City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Products: Pre-painted aluminum ff3
Application: Facade and cladding
Color: Seal and white

Thickness: 3mm
Quantity: 23,000 m2
Architect: CCO, Christensen & Co a/s, Copenhagen
Installation: Norisol A/S, Skovlunde

Ideal for Design, Installation and Maintenance

For the implementation of this design the installer Fa. Norisol A/S, Skovlunde used Novelis pre-painted ff3 perforated aluminum sheets with a 3 mm thickness.

The AlMg1 alloy allows the weight of the material to be reduced by a third, and the same span width can be obtained with a lower material thickness. The material is ideal for minimizing material handling, installation and transportation costs.

Novelis ff3 can be easily drilled, stamped and punched without any damage to the material or painted surface. So it proved ideal for a perforated aluminum design showing images of automobiles that were visible from the street sides, yet it ensured a harmonious balance between the Car Park Copenhagen and its surroundings.

With exposure to the elements also a concern, ff3 again was the material of choice. Its PVdF coating contains mainly inorganic pigments and is extremely well suited to outdoor applications. It features high resistance to ultraviolet radiation and environmental effects, also in extreme climate zones.

Added Benefits of ff3 Aluminum Cladding

In addition to its eye-catching design and surface durability, the perforated aluminum cladding also serves as a natural ventilation system so that use of the electronic ventilation system can be reduced to a few days a year. The parking lots are illuminated with daylight-simulating LED light, which reduces CO2 emissions.

The exceptional workability, high permissible load and corrosion resistance of ff3 pre-painted aluminum made this facade for Car Park Copenhagen possible. Novelis ff3 is also 100 percent recyclable, so it’s eco-friendly. This aluminum sheet is non-flammable and A1 certified, the top rating given under the European fire standard DIN EN 13501, so it can be used on any building of any height without any restriction.

Novelis ff3 also offers flexibility in how it can be affixed to building facades. The reverse-side lacquer is designed especially for bonding. Adhesive bonding can be used when attaching it to the substructure without visible attachment. Reinforcement also can be added to the cassettes.

Also for concealed installation, the backs of the aluminum cladding panels are welded with stud bolts. The ff3 alloy offers excellent welding properties, so stud welding can take place on the reverse without changing or damaging the front. Quality assurance for stud welding joints is described in DIN EN ISO 14555.