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Case Study

Nya Nordiska

Novelis J57S® coil anodized aluminum was chosen to clad the various roof shapes that would blend with the traditional architecture, as well as to create exterior folds in the red anodized facade, reminiscent of pleated fabrics and a clear link to the company.

Europe’s leading textile manufacturer, Nya Nordiska designs and produces high-quality decorative and upholstery fabrics for the residential and commercial sectors.

Six interconnected buildings were designed by Staab Architekten for the company’s expansion, covering more than 4,000 m2. Perfectly adjusted to the urban structure in color, form and scale, the industrial complex embodies a functional, aesthetic link between traditional and modern architecture.

City: Dannenberg
Country: Germany
Products: Coil anodized aluminum J57S
Application: Facade cladding
Color: Sandalor-red

Thickness: 1 mm
Quantity: 1,500 m2
Architect: Staab Architekten
Installation: MN Metallverarbeitung

Aluminum Facade Cladding Blends Old with New

Novelis aluminum facade cladding in pre-anodized quality J57S helped make this demanding industrial building project possible. The 1 mm-thick aluminum façade sheets were anodized in Sandalor-red. Installer MN Metallverarbeitung processed the sheets to wellTEC® aluminum profiles and assembled the profiles across a total area of 1,500 m2.

The red anodized facade of the headquarters of Nya Nordiska blends perfectly into the established structure of the old town. The sheet’s bending properties allowed it to shape the dimensions of the adjacent gable roofs.

The new buildings with different roof shapes fit unobtrusively with the different heights of the historic houses and their sloping gable roofs, the timber-framed buildings and the existing shed roof. The aluminum facade reminds observers of pleated cloth, a characteristic motif of Nya Nordiska.

J57S pre-anodizing aluminum quality is UV, corrosion and weather resistant and is specifically designed to meet the high demands and a variety of architectural applications. In addition, all Novelis aluminum facade products are non-flammable and fire rated according to DIN EN 13501-A1.

Superior Metal and Process

With a microstructure that gives rise to a special etching structure, Novelis aluminum J57S is specially created with long-lasting brilliant surfaces, ideal for attractive and innovative facades, roofs and interior applications. The available surface finishes provide both decorative brilliance and long-term durability, even under extreme stress and weather conditions.

This quality and appearance are achieved through superior metal and the anodizing process. The very narrow tolerances of the chemical composition and manufacturing parameters are key metallurgical requirements to ensure that color and gloss are uniform. Batch anodizing can then be performed after any further processing is completed such as cutting, punching, drilling and bending. In fact, J57S has excellent bending properties, even with small internal radii (min. 1 x material gauge at 90°).

Successful Integration

Bridging the gap between historical, traditional buildings and modern architectural design was a success. The connection between existing half-timbered buildings and the new complex demonstrates the successful integration of commercial buildings in the urban context. The extension looks restrained, but at the same time futuristic.

Awards for Nya Nordiska include the BDA Award Lower Saxony and Niedersächsischer Staatspreis für Architektur, both in 2012, and the German Facades Award (VHF) in 2013.