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The Life of a Can – Back on the Shelf in About 60 Days

September 8, 2021

The aluminium beverage can is the most frequently recycled beverage packaging in the world, averaging 69% globally, rising to 76% in Europe. Cans are super lightweight and made from a homogenous material – ideally designed for sorting and infinite recycling.

Today, only 3 % of the filled can’s weight is packaging, 97 % is the beverage. Aluminium cans support a truly circular economy. If properly collected and recycled, they can remain in the system forever.

Have a look at the can’s journey from consumption and recycling to refilling in about 60 days. As the leading producer of aluminium can sheet and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum, we recycle more than 82 billion cans annually. For the video creation, we cooperated with our key customer Ball Corporation, a global leader in infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging.