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Novelis Supports Recycling Legislation to Boost Access and Sustainability 

December 5, 2023

In a significant move towards bolstering recycling infrastructure and sustainability, Novelis extends its support for the Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act recently introduced by U.S. House Representatives Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Mikie Sherrill on November 1, 2023. This legislation, designed to enhance recycling accessibility, particularly in underserved communities, is garnering bipartisan support and widespread acclaim from key stakeholders.  The House bill mirrors a Senate bill introduced earlier this year by Senators Tom Carper, Shelley Moore Capito and John Boozman. 

Chris Cerone, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Novelis, expressed enthusiasm for the proactive, market-oriented approach of the Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act.  Cerone emphasized the positive impact the legislation could have on the economy and the environment, especially for critical materials like aluminum. 

“As the world’s largest recycler of aluminum, Novelis applauds Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’ introduction of the Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act. Expanding recycling access through the creation of public-private partnerships in underserved recycling communities, especially for critical materials like aluminum, is good for the economy and environment,” stated Cerone. 

The Act aims to address the challenges of America’s fragmented recycling system by establishing a pilot program to improve recycling accessibility in communities lacking sufficient infrastructure. Novelis, recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, sees this legislation as a crucial step towards achieving a more circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of recyclable materials. 

Novelis encourages the development of public-private partnerships and welcomes the proposed legislation as a means to further enhance recycling efforts across the nation. The company remains committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future and will continue to help build support for the Senate and House bills. 

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