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Novelis Champions Sustainable Aluminum in the Pursuit of a Circular Economy

November 20, 2023

In a recent feature in Aluminum International Today, Suzanne Lindsay-Walker, Vice President of Sustainability at Novelis, underscores the pivotal role of decarbonization and the significance of low-carbon, sustainable aluminum in creating a more sustainable and circular economy future.  

The spotlight is on Novelis’ global decarbonization strategy, strategically designed to maximize the circularity of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material that doesn’t lose its material properties during the recycling process.  

Lindsay-Walker outlines seven key strategies Novelis has implemented to scale circularity. These strategies, if widely embraced, have the potential to positively influence the entire aluminum industry, fostering substantial progress toward a more circular economy and sustainable world.  

Read the full article here: Scaling circularity: How to reach decarbonization goals (