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Novelis Enhances Water Quality and Storage Capacity of Lake near Pindamonhangaba Plant in Brazil

January 15, 2024

In support of our commitment to environmental stewardship, our Pindamonhangaba plant in Brazil has successfully completed a project to improve water quality and expand storage capacity at a nearby lake. The initiative involved comprehensive measures, including the installation of state-of-the-art equipment to control algae, the strategic planting of more than 1,400 native trees along the lake’s shore, and the removal of sediment. These efforts have significantly boosted the lake’s capacity, soaring from 24,000 cubic meters (m3) to an impressive 40,000 m3. This project marks a substantial improvement in the local environment, reflecting Novelis’ dedication to sustainability and community well-being.

Project Highlights:

– Equipment Installation: Cutting-edge ultrasonic equipment with online sensors for monitoring crucial water quality parameters was deployed to control algae growth. This system continuously tracks water quality, providing real-time insights into the lake’s conditions.

– Native Tree Planting: more than 1,400 native trees were planted along the lake’s shore, contributing to the restoration of the area and enhancing its ecological value.

– Sediment Removal: The project included the removal of sediment from the lake, ensuring not just increased capacity but improved overall water quality.

Novelis remains dedicated to sustainability initiatives that positively impact the environment and the communities we serve. This project reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world.