FY13 Sustainability
Video: Novelis evercan™

The Novelis evercan™ aluminum beverage can body sheet will allow beverage companies to deliver soft drinks, beer and other popular beverages in a low-carbon footprint consumer package.​

The Ethos of Disruption
Novelis is in the process of shifting our whole business model from a traditional linear model to a closed-loop model. We are embracing an entirely new way of thinking and operating in order to radically transform our company – and, in the process, lead the way in our industry.
FY13 Highlights: 43% recycled content and introduction of the evercan™

Two years ago, Novelis laid out an ambitious vision aimed at strengthening the long-term competitiveness of our business through sustainability and innovation. We are still in the early stages of our sustainability journey, with many hurdles yet to overcome, but our efforts are already beginning to bear fruit. In FY13, we:

  • achieved 43% recycled inputs, up from 33% two years earlier and on track to meet our goal of 80% by 2020
  • improved our energy efficiency by nearly 20% and reduced our absolute GHG emissions by 14%, water intensity by 16%, and waste by 11% since our baseline
  • launched a highly successful inaugural global month of service for employee volunteering
  • held the most global World Cup employee soccer and volleyball tournament to date
  • continued to engage employees in sustainability through talent development programs and increased performance reviews
  • began operations at a new can recycling facility in Yeongju, South Korea, the largest fully integrated beverage can recycling system in Asia
  • broke ground on a plant in Nachterstedt, Germany, that will be the largest aluminum recycling facility in the world
  • introduced the evercan™, the first-of-its-kind, independently certified, high-recycled content aluminum beverage can sheet.

For more details on our FY13 progress and how we are radically transforming our business, see the microsite for our FY13 Sustainability Report: Sustainability Through Disruptive Innovation. The report, which was GRI-checked at Application Level A, follows the Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 Guidelines and also contains Novelis' second Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact.

Download a PDF of our FY2013 Sustainability Report, or view it online.

  • Our People
    Ensuring we attract, retain and develop employees with the right skills and experience is critical to achieving our company’s growth plans. We are striving to create a culture where every employee across our global operations feels invested in helping Novelis reach its goals.
  • Community Engagement
    Novelis is a global company with a local presence. We believe that an essential quality for a leader is a commitment to give back to the community. So we focus many of our community engagement programs near our facilities and contribute to the communities in which we live and work.
  • Our Customers & Products
    Novelis understands the importance of finding innovative ways of supplying our customers products with an improved overall life cycle. We meet our customers’ demands for increased performance, while also working with them to make our products more sustainable.
  • Vision & Strategy For Sustainability
    The growing expectations of our stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees, regulators, consumers and civil society organizations means as a global company, we need to consider our impacts and how to integrate sustainability into our business model. Our lifecycle approach is an integral part of our sustainability strategy.
  • Aluminum Recycling
    No other material offers the versatility and environmental benefits of aluminum. Infinitely recyclable, it helps reduce carbon footprint and energy use, while providing other strong benefits as well.
  • Environment, Health, Safety & Quality
    Our commitment to environment, health and safety is embedded in our company’s culture. As a manufacturing firm, our primary concern is for the health and safety of our employees and our concern for environmental issues extends beyond our facilities to those of our customers.
  • Policy & Reporting Archive
    We report our progress toward our sustainability goals annually to enable our stakeholders to learn about our performance. More information about our processes and progress can be found in our previous reports, policies and procedures.