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Sierre, the sunny city

March 15, 2023

Longstanding collaboration helps to further decarbonize the region.

Novelis is constantly seeking opportunities to decarbonize its own operations by switching to renewable energy sources but also to support the decarbonization of the surrounding communities and partners. In Sierre, the sun shines for roughly 1,990 hours a year, offering a great opportunity for solar power. This translates into a photovoltaic power output of 3,940 kilowatt-hours per day*. Together with Net Zero Lab Valais’ partner OIKEN, Novelis contributes to making this precious energy available for the surrounding communities.

Sustainability frontrunners join forces for regional energy supply

The longstanding partnership of Novelis and OIKEN has its foundation long before the launch of the Net Zero Lab in 2022 and demonstrates the potential to foster a carbon neutral future within the region. Currently, around 5,000 square meters of installed solar panels, with a capacity of 1 gigawatt-hour per year, cover the main building roof at the Novelis plant in Sierre, rented by local energy distributer OIKEN. This fruitful collaboration supports the supply of green electricity to Sierre. By joining forces in the Net Zero Lab Valais, both parties intend to further expand their efforts to increase the usage of solar power – for the plant as well as for the entire region.

* according to the Global Solar Atlas by World Bank Group

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