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New electric pusher furnace for Novelis Sierre

March 15, 2023

Novelis will be replacing a gas pusher furnace with an electrical one, saving around 4,500t CO2eq per year.

Novelis Sierre aims to reach carbon neutrality for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, Novelis is increasing decarbonization investments and its efforts in joint initiatives such as the Net Zero Lab Valais. Driving carbon neutral production, the Net Zero Lab team is testing alternative energy sources to replace gas, such as plasma or hydrogen. For decarbonizing energy consumption, the lab´s aim is to replace fossil-based energy sources with carbon-neutral ones rather than offsetting carbon emissions through credits.

Streamlined processes for more productivity and fewer emissions

In the first year of Novelis Sierre’s decarbonization journey with the Net Zero Lab Valais, Novelis has approved an investment in a new electrical pusher furnace which will allow the plant to pre-heat sheet ingots with renewable electricity instead of natural gas, saving around 4,500t CO2eq per year and up to 180,000t CO2eq over the furnace’s lifetime. Moreover, the new furnace will offer an optimization of workflows.

“Electrifying one of our pusher furnaces is a crucial step to decarbonize our Novelis Sierre production”, states Serge Gaudin, Plant Manager, Novelis Sierre, and Director Automotive Operations, Novelis Europe. “The new electric pusher furnace brings flexibility with regard to renewable energy sources and will initially be fed by hydro power. This is crucial in today’s energy management and also contributes to our aim of generating a future-proof energy portfolio for our company.”

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