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  • Supplier Terms & Conditions
Supplier Terms & Conditions

Novelis contracts and purchase orders are subject to our Supplier Terms and Conditions, which will vary slightly by location. As a global Procurement team, common practices and procedures are essential to ensure consistency, productivity and effectiveness in our negotiation process. Any negotiation with Novelis will be based on our Contract and Terms & Conditions templates. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Novelis Procurement contact.

Novelis Asia

Novelis Europe

Novelis North America

Novelis South America

  • All agreements executed by Novelis South America must be requested and submitted through Projuris, the regional contractual management system. The Terms and Conditions will be generated automatically as soon as all the commercial information is included on the request. Please, access the following link:
    In case of any questions, please contact your Regional Novelis Procurement representative.

Purchase Order Requirements
Novelis utilizes the source-to-pay cycle transactions to ensure compliance with SOX Controls and accounting standards. Novelis policies demand that all purchases and payments of subsequent invoices for goods and services require a purchase order.

Only Procurement personnel, subject to internal governance controls, can commit Novelis funds with Suppliers through the adequate processes. No employees outside of Procurement are authorized to award business to Suppliers.