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  • Supplier Terms & Conditions

Novelis Procurement uses its Global Procurement Contract and Terms & Contracts templates to increase the effectiveness of our Procurement activity. The templates also facilitate consistent approaches and practices across Procurement and help create a clear message in the market.

In 2009, Novelis Procurement and Legal established new Global Procurement Contract and Terms & Conditions templates, which are now the initial point of negotiation for any supply agreement with Novelis. This initiative was a significant step toward becoming a world-class Procurement organization.When the organization transformation launched in 2009, it became clear that the Procurement team needed to institute common practices and procedures to truly operate as a global unit.

We also recognized that establishing such procedures would increase the productivity and effectiveness of our Procurement activity and ensure a clear, unified ONE NOVELIS message in the market.

This initiative should help form a clear identity in the market, as well as answer questions regarding our requirements and how we do business.

The main objectives of this initiative are listed below:

  • Create consistent approaches and practices across the procurement organization worldwide
  • Form a clear, unified ONE NOVELIS message in the market
  • Set standard global templates for each type of document
  • Construct regional versions of the templates that address local legal nuances and customs
  • Determine a defined process that will be implemented in every region

With this initiative in place, any future negotiation with Novelis will be based on our Contract and Terms & Conditions templates.

Suppliers will eventually see these templates during negotiations for future supply agreements.

Suppliers already doing business with Novelis may obtain the Procurement Terms & Conditions, depending on the policies of the local Novelis location.

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