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  • RFx Process
Supplier Onboarding/Off Boarding

Novelis uses competitive bidding processes to select Suppliers. The preferred method to obtain Supplier quotations is electronic i.e., via e-RFx or e-Auction.

Quotations are required to be transparent and provide a breakdown of prices for materials and service components. It is expected that all Product and/or Service Specifications are met as requested. Delivery requirements are subject to mutual agreement on a contract-by-contract basis.

Supplier Onboarding

The process for Supplier onboarding varies depending on regulatory, statutory and/or system requirements in each country. In general terms, Novelis may request the following documentation and information during the Supplier on-boarding process:

  • Registration Form
  • Supplier Self-Assessment
  • Supplier Code of Conduct (signed)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (signed)
  • Company Legal Registration
  • Tax Registration Forms
  • Banking information*
  • Quality Management Certification (IATF, ISO, RoHs)
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Conflict Minerals Questionnaire / Confirmation (signed)
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the standard payment method as defined on a regional basis. Novelis reserves the right to charge transaction fees for other payment methods, such as bank draft.
  • **Additional documentation as needed

There may be additional requirements for Suppliers of direct materials and critical supplies. Examples of these additional requirements include:

  • Supplier and product qualification processes
  • Performance management requirements
  • Innovation that adds value to the supply chain, including new ideas, concepts, processes, products, etc.

Qualification & Approval Process

  • In addition to submitting to the risk based Supplier Assessment, Suppliers may be required to submit samples or perform example work for approval by any of the Novelis Engineering, Operations, Procurement, or Quality personnel. To purchase the required product/service, Suppliers must follow the onboarding process as described on this page.
  • Note: Supplier onboarding is required to allow Novelis to purchase the product or service needed for validation testing. The Supplier is not considered an “Approved Supplier” until the responsible functions have signed off on the successful qualification process.


To be compliant with data privacy requirements, Supplier records are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, and will be deactivated after a specified period of inactivity. Novelis Procurement has defined the following rules and timelines to deactivate vendors:

  1. Any Vendor Master that had no purchase order and/or invoice/payment activity in ERP systems for 36 months, shall be blocked for use on purchase orders and payments. Personal data like names, contact details and banking information shall either be removed from the Vendor Master record or made invisible for normal business users.
  2. If needed, reactivation of these Vendor Master records is possible within 12 months after blocking, but requires validation of data accuracy through the Vendor Master Request process.
  3. Any Vendor Master that had no purchase order and/or invoice/payment activity for 48 months (36 + 12 months as described in paragraph I. and II.) shall be deleted from ERP production systems and archived through the defined IT processes. Exceptions apply for some categories, i.e. strategic CAPEX or critical spare part suppliers.
  4. Permanent deletion of records shall be performed according to Novelis Document Retention Policy. Periodic refreshes of data in quality or development environments shall be performed to keep those instances in sync with production systems.

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