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  • Quality Standards
Quality & Compliance Standards

Suppliers are required to provide goods and services that conform to Novelis specifications and are expected to proactively prevent defects and show downward non-conformance trends. If Novelis discovers a non-conformance or defect, Suppliers must provide prompt and effective corrective actions based on systematic and effective problem solving techniques.

Suppliers must demonstrate a top-down commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This commitment should be evident in the Supplier’s quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement processes. Suppliers who fail to meet and maintain quality standards risk business continuity.

IATF / ISO / AS9000

Novelis requires that its Suppliers be certified or compliant with IATF16949, ISO-9001:2015 or AS9000 standards. In addition to a quality system, Suppliers should have a quality policy and specific quality metrics that are tracked and monitored for negative trends. The quality system and related metrics should be visible throughout the Supplier’s organization.

At a minimum, a Supplier’s quality system should include the following:

  • Quality manual
  • Procedures for incoming, in-process, and final inspection
  • Process control plans
  • Procedure for the control of non-conforming materials
  • Procedure for Corrective Action Response (CAR)
  • Documentation control
  • Internal/External failure rate data

Other Quality Standards

Some countries have local quality standards. Novelis may accept those quality standards, provided they meet the minimum IATF / ISO requirements.