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  • Novelis Advanz™ 7UHS – s701

Novelis Advanz™ 7UHS – s701 is a product developed for structural applications requiring high inservice strength. The 7xxx alloy provides the highest T6 strength among current aluminum alloys and has significantly higher strength over incumbent 6xxx alloys. This in turn offers potential for lightweighting of structural parts over advanced high strength steel options without compromising performance requirements. The alloy-temper can be optimized to provide good balance between strength, crash performance and corrosion resistance. Advanz™ 7UHS – s701 is an excellent choice for strength-dominated structural components, such as A-pillar, B-pillar, door beams as well as various other structural reinforcements.

Mechanical Properties

This product exhibits excellent specific strength and specific energy absorption along with good hot formability making it an ideal material for lightweighting of structural reinforcements. All values listed are typical.

TemperUTS (Rm)YS (Rp0.2)Total Elongation A80
T6540–580 MPa480- 520 MPa≥10%
Chemical Composition (wt. %)

The chemical composition of this product is within composition window for AA7075.

≤ 0.4≤ 0.51.2-2.0N/A2.1- 2.90.18-0.28
ZnTiVOthers, eachOthersOther, total
5.1-6.1≤ 0.3 ≤N/A≤ 0.05N/A≤ 0.15

Physical Properties
Density 2.8 x 10³ kg/m³
Elastic Modulus 70,000 N/mm²
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 23.4 x 10-6 K-1
Thermal Conductivity 130 W/m-K
Electrical Conductivity 15 – 30 m/Ωmm²
Production Regions

Our manufacturing solutions allow us to tailor solutions for automotive customers around the world. Advanz™7UHS –s701 is produced in the following regions:



North America

What finishing processes are available?
Laser Blank
Laser Blank
Edge Trimming
Edge Trimming

What gauges are available?
1.0 – 4.0 mm 1.0 – 4.0 mm 1.0 – 4.0 mm

Please contact your Novelis sales representative for more information about widths and gages.