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  • Our Expectations
At Novelis, we are guided by our company values and Code of Conduct. Every employee at Novelis is held accountable for following these principles.​​

Integrating sustainability — including environment, health and safety — into our core strategy helps us create one cohesive idea out of social and financial performance. We expect to meet our all of our legal obligations regardless of where we do business, and to always respect members of the communities that have welcomed us around the globe. In Procurement, we aim to apply these values and expectations to our supply base, so that economics will not be the sole source of our decisions. We wish to establish relationships with our suppliers that:

  • Generate competitive advantages and improve product performance
  • Foster mutual sentiments of reliability and respect
  • Have the capability to induce innovative solutions
  • Support Novelis in its Sustainability efforts and maintain ethical business practices (See Novelis Supplier Code of Conduct​)


Through our Strategic Sourcing process, we optimize our supplier base by identifying suppliers with local, regional and global capabilities. This ensures that we can consistently support our operations. However, due to the nature of some goods and services required by our operations, we will continue to have a relatively small portion of our spending from locally-based suppliers in the countries were we operate.


We expect all suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct. For more on the Novelis Supplier Code of Conduct, please see our Supplier Ethics page.

Regarding suppliers of direct materials and critical supplies, additional requirements may be expected. Examples of these additional requirements include:

  • Supplier and product qualification processes
  • Performance management requirements
  • Innovation that adds value to the supply chain, including new ideas, concepts, processes, products, etc.
  • Aligned business management strategies that promote long-term vision and continuous improvement
  • Aligned business sustainability targets
  • Supplier Certification – following environmental regulations and other policies that influence our business


What you can expect from Novelis

By adhering to Novelis’ requirements, suppliers can expect:

  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Continued, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Opportunities to participate in future Request for Quotations and Proposals
  • Consideration as a potential supplier for future requirements and innovation
  • Unwavering reverence for established agreements

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