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Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Champions

April 11, 2017

As a hockey player, I understand the importance of a dedicated team. When everyone works together, there are no limits to what we can do. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Novelis and Discovery Education to spread the word about a new educational program that teaches students the importance of recycling and empowers them make a difference.

I am happy to announce that this month our program will expand: Today, just in time for Earth Day, we have released a new education module!

Available free of charge, this module is an addition to our online platform, “Life of a Can – A Never Ending Story,” which offers interactive classroom activities and at-home family resources to help inspire students to be environmental stewards. The new module will help students explore how Novelis processes the never-ending lifecycle of an aluminum can, by letting them ‘walk through’ Cantown. Students can answer questions to earn ‘Green Points,’ click on the user-friendly interface, and learn the real-world implications of recycling.

Sustainability is a top priority for the NHL and I believe creating a greener planet through education will not only impact our sport, but our future generations. With help from our children and our communities, we can work to recycle $1.5 billion worth of aluminum that is sent to landfills each year in North America alone. By encouraging the development of students’ critical-thinking skills, I believe these modules can inspire real change.

Thanks to partners like Novelis and Discovery Education, the next generation of environmental stewards will be more knowledgeable, prepared and ready to act than ever before. And now, students around the world can receive ongoing recycling and STEM education at the touch of a button. I am hopeful for what comes next. Together, we can be champions for the planet, and inspire the next generation to become lifelong recyclers.